Monday, April 19, 2010

A new candidate

We have decided to support a new candidate for Connecticut’s House of Representatives. Since she is not in our voting district, we don’t have to worry about ANYTHING! No one can get mad at us for supporting her, we can’t vote for her! No one getting mad because we aren’t volunteering to make phone calls for their candidate, they can’t get mad because we are too busy to attend their event, nope, no one can get mad at us! And at the same time they will have to make excuses for us! Hip hip hooray!

I’m going to be her scheduler, and so everything has to be run by me, so that I can make sure that our candidate has the time to devote to each event. So, she and we shall be VERY busy as time goes by. Stay tuned to more info.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mary, my husband isn't technically in politics, but I imagine what we're going through is a lot like what any other leader might go through. There's always someone who doesn't like you, someone who makes your life hard, who's just looking for the right opportunity to make you crash and burn... The only thing that keeps me going is God, but I wonder if there's anything in particular you do to cope with everything? It's so hard to go through this sometimes especially when you give up so much time with your family to really make a difference.