Saturday, October 31, 2009

Motivated speaker

Last night I saw a man, who some say is good, some don't like him, but MAN can he speak! Listening to him make me think that we, as people, can do ANYTHING! I had to remember to listen to what he was talking about and not who was doing the talking. I left the meeting place and was ready to do ANYTHING for the good of EVERYONE. But, I had  supper to make, then posting all my pictures on FB, so I was busy till late last night. But I think most people liked my pictures, but, hey, I was just having fun. And, the bigger news, it is only 3 more days till the election will be over! One way or the other. And a week till I preform a wedding 80 miles from home! Always looking forward to weddings, this one maybe a bit more because we get to stay over night for the wedding! Have a practice the night before the wedding and I'm not driving 80 miles one way just to do it again the next day, 320 miles is a bit too much, don't you think? So I'm staying and enjoying myself with my husband!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Something different today

As I told you yesterday, I am sometimes used as a secretary, but today I became a photographer and took some pictures of some important people. Thank goodness there is such a thing as cropping your shots afterwards, so that anyone can make a picture look good after taking it! LOL

I always loved taking pictures, have lots of shots of the kids when they were growing up. But, ever since my medical condition changed, I found it hard to take pictures, but my husband  now has me back to taking pictures again with new technology! And I love it! I am even registered as a photographer with my local newspaper, in case they need a shot of something or someone that I took.  They have never used me, but it's nice thinking I'm important!

4 days till election day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can you believe it..

As secretary of the district that I live in, sometimes I get asked to e-mail a note, or something small. Well, not today. I got asked to put together two press advisories and one flier to go out via e-mail to the town committee members who want to see..Al Sharpton! I know that there are some people who hate him (my husband included) for what he did in the Tawana Brawley controversy (1987) as well as several others. But, a lot of the people that I know think he is a good man, and because of him things have changed, however I don't know if they have changed for the betterment or worst for his words.

However Al Sharpton is coming tomorrow at 7 PM to get a rally going to get people motivated to GOTV and I hope it works!  He also plans to talk about the upcoming election and the fact that there are only 2 African American women running  for 4 seats for BoE, and since there are 59% of students that are a minority, they should be represented. I have a feeling it won't be dull tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seven Days till Election Day

Got some bad news yesterday, a member of a political party died sometime within the last week. He last spoke to his friend last week, had really bad pain in his arm and would not let anyone else get his medication. He was en route to the pharmacy and promised to call his friend when he got back. That was Monday, he never called Tuesday, she kept calling and e-mailing him, with no answer. On Sunday, at an event, she and some others started talking and she got more worried than ever, so when they were done the event they went over to the house. they had to break in to the house and found his body, dead for some time. As he was running for re-election, we have had a big name stepping up and agreeing to run in his place. It's almost a done deal, everyone loves the new candidate and out of respect for the old candidate I think they will give him the votes.

As I had to file 2 reports for the 7 days before an election rule, I thought I was done, but as I'm an assistant treasure, at the last minute I had to file another report before the 4:30 pm deadline.  Now the candidates are down to the line, only 7 more days till election. Actually as I am writing this at 9:15pm, in 7 days we should know if my husband is a winner or a loser. Do I hope for a win or a loss, not really sure yet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Job is a career

Yesterday I was at an event for yet another person running for office, the only problem is this job is his career. That's right, a person running for a town clerk position and since we, the people, have deemed that it is an elected position, rather than a job that goes to the best qualified person, we get a qualified person and then make them run every 2 years for their job. And it's not like we give them extra money so that they can run, no, we make them hold events so that we can get donations. And that's where I come in, the candidate asked me to collect money for his event!  So that's what I did and probably raised $600 easy. Wouldn't it be nice if EVERYONE could raise that much money with only 1 event. Problem is that it won't even cover 1/10 of what is needed  for a campaign anymore.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another day another dollar

Today, Saturday, I had to get up and go with my husband to a common council at large debate. It was held inside a church, made me feel a little like people who used to use the church for town hall meetings years ago. It was held by the League of Women Voters, so you would think that it would have run smoothly. But no, think again! It was the most mismatched group of questions that I have ever heard. Not to mention that the LWV didn't know how to even ask the questions, once the thing got started. It was 90 minutes long, and about 15 minutes was spent not getting the right sound equipment working, then asking everyone to repeat their answers. Luckily, my husband was #10, so even though he didn't have to talk much, he had plenty of time to formulate what he wanted to say. Not that he doesn't already know what he wanted to say. We went home and he slept all afternoon, since he is sick with a bad cold, nothing more.

Friends of ours got to see our PRESIDENT last night as He was in a town really close by (about 10 miles away). Tickets were $1000! so I had to wait to get the low down today. Our friend said that it was great, but that there were a lot of state legislators who kept talking about the bad performance of our DTC!

Isn't it a shame that a person can't be proud of the city that they come from because of the childishness of people in power?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crime is happening everywhere

I just got a phone call from a man who was listening to his scanner and heard that there were two robberies, both by the same men. I listened and could hear his radio, and heard the officer calling for K-9 (which they didn't have available) and officers setting up a perimeter. See, I understood, because for 14 years I worked as a police dispatcher! I have worked through TMI (Three Mile Island in PA) to the San Jose earthquake in CA, to any and all crimes imaginable through out my life. So, even thought this was scary for people, at least there weren't any guns, just knifes, and no one was hurt. But because my husband is chairman on the Health, Welfare, Public Safety and Emergency Management Committee , he has to answer to the people about why there wasn't a K-9, why cops didn't get there faster, why no one has been arrested yet, the list goes on and on. Could it be that the economy is getting worse and good people are resorting to crime to try to provide for their families. Or might it be that crime is getting worst because druggies need a fix and will go further and further to find money. Either way be careful today and always!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A bit different day..

We were asked last night to go to a library's forum about the coming election. My husband, as well as 9 other candidates where invited to speak at the meeting. They first had our mayoral candidates talk for an hour about different things that they want to do. However, one candidate, who is also running for sheriff & governor of our state, talked about what the Russian are doing to our government (per 1960's) and how we needed to take back our government and stop all taxes everywhere! In fact his manner and speaking could have caused him to be arrested, as he was starting to scare women listening to him. But after awhile he sat back down and kept his seat, even though it was hard.

After the mayoral candidates talked the library then invited the 4 candidates running in district to step up and answer a few questions. An hour later they were finished and then the library asked for the ten candidates that are running at large. One of the ladies had already left and another had never showed up, so it ended up being just 8 of them. Each of them had 2 minutes to speak about themselves and why they think they would be a good person to get elected, that was it! After waiting till 8:30pm my husband get to speak for just 2 minutes! I know everyone was upset with not having more time to speak, but then what can you do? You have to do what the moderator wants, but just 2 minutes?

How many days is it till election, 13?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is it election day yet?

Man have we been busy these last few days. Sunday we had two events to go to, a neighborhood association meeting with everyone from both parties there, and then a Greek Dance! The neighborhood association meeting was held in a BEAUTIFUL hotel! It's the type of hotel that, unless you have at least $1 million dollars you can't stay there! Man was it nice! My husband got to hob-nob with other candidates, in fact the other party sat down with us, because they liked us so much! At least some people put politics aside for the betterment of all, I wonder when EVERYONE will just try to get along?

Then there was the Greek Dance. One of the candidates is Greek, so his family has come out to support him. The music was so good! I could have listened to it all night long. It was a bit strange, no one got introduced per say, we got introduced to the people who's table we were sitting with, but no formal introduction, someplace where everyone gets to cheer for their politician. Things keep getting stranger and stranger.

Then we had MY event last night. I have been planning a pizza party for TWO MONTHS! The pizza parlor is DIRECTLY across the street from the parties headquarters, so that would mean that everyone could come to the party, right? No, at the last minute the League of Women Voters decided to hold a mayoral forum and a forum for the candidates running in district! The same night as my pizza party! Needless to say, only 6 pizzas where bought and we went home with more than one pizza left over! Can't complain, it would do no good, besides who could I complain to?

And just when I think that I am finished with having to be at the fundraisers, we have 2 more coming up, 1 of which I have been asked to take the money for another candidate! He just knows that he won't have a problem with me and my friend taking money, it's just there are some people who steal money right from under the noses of candidates.

How many more days till the election, 13 days? It is not coming fast enough!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We had fun this AM

We took off this morning to go to another District's meet and greet at 10 am. My husband had seen the ad in the newspaper about the event, and since it never said anything about one party or another, we thought we are all invited. Imagine our surprise when we go there and saw that the other party was the only one with signs. My husband went down to see what was up and learned that the other party had rented the park for four hours and we had to take our political sign down when the other parties chairman showed up! We could put it up outside of the park, but it had to be removed from the park! Needless, I was a bit upset, as he didn't tell my husband right away, he told ME! We picked up the sign and put it outside at the entrance. We had friends come over to us and tell us to go ahead and put our sign back, but we never did. We even had the District's chairman of the other party tell us that she was offended by her chairman's actions and that she hoped that we would stay and we could put our sign back in the park! Isn't it shameful that parties have to feel threatened by a simple sign? Not the person, but his sign? Does that mean that my husband is a treat to him and his party? Strange, getting stranger every day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where did we go wrong?

Here it is 17 days till the election and we still don't have staff working together at headquarters! We don't even have staff! In fact, till this morning no one even had a key so that they could get in during the day and make phone calls! And everyone thinks we are doing just a wonderful job and we will be able to get everyone we want elected! (Or though they say in public) In private they say that there will be very few people who will win, but hey, it's not their fault, even though they are running as well and pulling the party down.

I know that we will get at least two people elected, because they represent one party in the district, but at this point I'm not even sure my hubby can win. The party that he represents tried to not get him elected at the primary (but they lost) and they have done nothing for him or the people that our district represents since August. And then they wonder why we don't want to go to an event right before the election and pay with our hard earned money that people gave my husband to get him elected. So, what do you think, should my husband go to an event that has all one party talk about themselves, or maybe he should go to an event that has possibly new people that he has never seen before, so that he can find out what he (as councilman) can do to help them? I'm kinda leaning towards the event with new people, give me your feedback.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today is Blog Action Day

Global warming is hurting us all. Today is the first blog action day that I have taken part in. I hope that you find something that you can believe it.

Yesterday's messy day

Yesterday was so busy, I had to go to the bank for a candidate and get his debit card, stop by his house and take some pictures of him, so that they can be put in the flier that will be going out to the media and everyone else one week before the elections. After coming home, sending the pictures via e-mail for him and another candidate's picture, I spent an hour on the phone with the bank activating the debit card for him! Then I had to take off and go to a neighboring city for a doctors appointment with my husband. We waited in the doctors office for almost 2 hours! and finally had to reschedule his appointment as he had 3 meetings that he had to attend to that evening.
So, we took off again, stopped at a deli and got subs for supper, took them over to city hall and ate them as we waited for the meetings to start. Four hours later we went home, exhausted, and really not sure why the meetings have to be so drawn out. Certain people think that since it is so close to election time that they can make a name for themselves if they question everything, making themselves look like a fool in reality. Only 19 days till the election! Come on election!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have a question

Does anyone read my blog? I'm thinking that no one cares & I'm going about it wrong, so if I don't get an answer I will be shutting down by the weekend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sign damage already..

At 8:00 o' clock last night I got a call from a friend, who just happens to be running for the same position as my husband. Seems that another politician had put one of his signs in her front yard! Only problem is that he is for the other side! It seems that even though candidates are to ask people if they can put their sings in their yard, the new ones don't think that this rule applies to them! I hope that I am wrong, but I am seeing political signs all over in public areas. And they are from both sides of the political parties! Why do both sides play games? Why can't people just get along? Guess I'll have to do some checking to find out legally what can happen, stay tuned.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sign day

We spent 4 hours delivering signs to residents who will let us put the signs for my husband's election, in their yards! Man was that tough! And we only delivered 25 signs! We still have 50 to pass out, but I am hoping that we can get people to pick them up tomorrow at the Harbor Lights event. We have to keep 45 signs to put out on election day, 14 poles times 3 signs per pole is 42 signs. And since we have already put them up at a local restaurant, we have to have extras signs in case someone steals them or destroys them. Isn't it bad, that in this day and age, we have to worry about signs getting destroyed because of the juvenile acts of adults! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone running didn't have to worry about their signs! I hope that someday we won't have to worry anymore.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Starting to age me more

I must be getting old, my get up and go has got up and left me by myself! This planning on political events every week for 5 weeks is really starting to get to me! I hope that this helps the Democrats, but I'm getting tired. We have planned on two more events from our District, however, someone never contacted the place that we were going to hold our Halloween event for Mike. Isn't that sweet? We still have a Champagne Brunch the Sunday before elections, but that money doesn't go to anyone except the town committee, so it's not like we get anything directly from them.

Have talked to a man who is owner of a taxi business. He will be driving people to the polls election day for free. After they vote, he (or one of the drivers) will drive them to a grocery store so that they can do their shopping. Their only expense will be paying for a taxi ride home. You really have to love the way they will try to help anyone who wants to get out and vote. Wouldn't it be nice if every city adopted the policy of giving everyone a free day on election day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another day over with

Think even my husband is getting a bid tired from all the people seeing. He felt bad this morning, so we missed a mass at a church that we have been wanting to go to. But, the invite will still be good for next weekend., I hope Since I was preforming a wedding at 2:00 pm, we had to get dressed and go! But, it was a beautiful ceremony, they even translated the ring exchange into their native tongue!

We then had a event that was very nice, the problem is that it seems that most of the events are being attended to by people who are running! The economy is bad, but I guess it's even worse than what I think. No one is coming because they just can't afford it! The main thing is, I want EVERYONE that I talk to, that comes to any event, to make sure that they GET OUT AND VOTE! I would love it if more and more people vote each and every time that they can. If you don't vote, then you don't have a say in what kind of government we have. Please vote your conscious, vote for those people who believe in what you believe in. PLEASE!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Long hard day

I have been going non stop since 9:30am! It is now 11pm I have to get to sleep, have another hard day tomorrow. Seven different things that we had to do today, Six of them done for my husbands' campaign, just one done for me and that was a wedding! I have another wedding tomorrow and since I love marrying people, I could do that all day long! I would probably do it for free, but I know that they should pay the justice of the peace because I don't want them taking their vows as not being important. If they wouldn't have to pay they might think that it's too easy not to worry about it.

It was a great day, we met allot of new people, but some old ones too, and I glad that as a whole, we get along, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I know hat SOME of both parties refused to come to our neighborhood BBQ, but those that came where very happy with what they saw.

That's what politics is all about. Learning to stand up for what you beileve in, but at the same time, learning to get along with everyone. Wish they all knew this!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bullying even today

Believe it or not, people still bully others even when they are adults. They never grow up! I know all about bullying, you see, I was bullied as a child. As an elementary school student I was bullied by a girl who was 2 years older than me. We used to pick her up with the school bus and she would start in on me the moment she got on ! At recess she would come out and start calling me names (Rauma is a llama), stupid stuff like that, but back in the 60's no one knew that they had a problem with her. (It wasn't till I was in my 20's and saw her again that she apologized and told me that it was because of her mother and what she was going through that she took it out on me and only me. She knew I would do nothing about it, and I never did! ) When I got to 5th grade I had male teacher who was sadistic. He would take fifth graders and make them kneel on a window pole for an hour, hold their arms out, holding books forever, he even hit the end of a ruler into the mouth of a girl with braces once! I was lucky, he only abused me one time, when I told my parents they started to get rid of him. It took my parents and other parents 8 months to finally have peace at school. But, because it was a Catholic School, after they let him go, we did nothing for the remaining 6 weeks. But, my parents refused to pay for us to go to that school again, so for the next year I still went to the Catholic School and my brothers went to public schools. Anyway, the bullying by the girl got so bad that I stopped riding the school bus on days that she would be going home and always got a ride with someone else. By 7th grade I was able to go to public schools and Jr High became my refuse, no more bullying by anyone ever again.

Not till I got involved in politics and witnessed it happening again! It made me digress back to the 60's and start to wonder if they have always been talking about others behind closed doors?
It seems that maybe these people have never grown up and are still the bullier that some of us hate!