Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Well now I have seen it all.

My husband Mike has been working from home over the holidays, since his job is short handed this week, so he has been checking his e-mail every hour or so, so we can't really go anywhere. Anyway, he decided yesterday to go up in the attic to check the measurements for something. My son left the house with the door banging as he went out and then I heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen. All of a sudden my husband starts screaming for help. My son says he heard the noise, looked into the kitchen window and saw Mike's feet dangling from the ceiling!

Thank God for my son, he was able to run up the stairs in the attic, hook on to Mike's belt and with both hands pull Mike out of the hole! If it weren't for Mike's one foot having a brace on it, he probably would have gone through the hole into the kitchen and suffered a lot of damage to his body. But, the brace stopped him from going through the ceiling, and his legs hurt today, but they aren't even purple. (Afterwards my husband said that he was sitting with a joist between his legs! Yuck!)

But, I think it was Mike putting his foot in ICE WATER that amazed me! Yesterday it was 20 degrees when Mike got hurt, my son went to the store and bought a 5 lb bag of ice while Mike kept his foot in as cold of water as we could get it. He then put his foot in ICE! He says that because of his injuries, we had to freeze the broken blood vessels so that they could not bleed and cause his leg to swell or discolor and it must of worked, because today there is very little swelling or discoloration.

But, Mike is now not able to go back up in the attic, one reason being because his legs hurt, but also my sons had to put a temporary covering on the rather large hole and Mike doesn't want them to worry about it being damaged by him again! They just have to worry about themselves, but hey, they're younger than Mike and lets hope a bit wiser now. We think Mike's foot hit an electrical line that then caused him to loose his balance and fall on the floor that was just insulated only, away from the partical flooring that is in the attic!

After cleaning up the insulation in the kitchen and all the cans that the insulation had fallen on, I was finally glad to just have to deal with Mike. Long day to say the least.

Anyway, thats what I was doing yesterday, how about you?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Healh Care Reform Part 3

Well I guess there must be more people than just me that feel that Dr Howard Dean should convince others to scrap it and let someone else start over again, someone with experience in HEALTH CARE! I just got an e-mail saying a lot of what I am feeling. I know that we can do better than what we have done, how can I get my message out to DC? Call them, who? Any suggestions?

What's up?

When something is bothering you wouldn't it be nice if when someone said ,'what's up' you could REALLY tell them 'what's up?' Would they look at you differently, feel differently about you if you told them what REALLY was up? Do we all say it just to SAY IT or do we really mean it?

When I say 'what's up' I REALLY mean it, I want to know how your family is doing, how your job is, how your life has been since the last time we spoke. I wonder if there are others out there who care just like I do, or do they just say 'what's up' because it's the in thing to do. I hope not, I hope more people care about others than what the world seems to say.

Promise me today, if someone says 'what's up' just tell them a little about yourself. Or better yet, when on the phone ask the other person 'what's up' and tell them that you REALLY want to know about their day, after all isn't that why you called in the first place?

I ask each one of you 'what's up' and hope that you get the chance to tell me, someday!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Friends for Ever

When I was a teenager I had some close friends, the type that I could tell anything and they would DIE before they told ANYONE else! Then I got married, but I still kept my friends, they were the people that I could call (locally only) and talk for hours. They were there when I had each of my children, there when my ex-husband cheated on me, there when I went back to him, there for just about ANYTHING. But somehow, maybe because of moving 3000 miles away, I lost contact with each and every one of them. I got new friends, but they just weren't THERE, I suffered a lot alone, medically, physically and emotionally, but the bond had been broken because of the distances separating us.

When I moved back to the eastern coast I tried to pick up where we left off, but time had changed everyone, and with family now, somehow my friends weren't all that important anymore. But now sometimes I miss being able to just sit down and call and talk to a friend who falls into the same category as my friends of old, my BFFE who would never tell ANYONE ANYTHING.

I wonder if Congressmen or Senators have a BFFE that they can talk to today? It seems that no one does anymore, that EVERYONE has to be afraid of telling someone something that may turn around someday and stab them in the back. I wonder if this has always been the case, or is this something new?

I miss my BFFE, how 'bout you?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Healh Care Reform Part 2

Have you looked at what the Senator's have passed in regards to health care now? Let see, Senator Ben Nelson, a Nebraska Democrat has put in that Nebraska will get 100% of a reimbursement for Medicaid if the bill is signed as is by the President. Then there is Senator Chris Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat who wants a $100 million dollars to go to a children's hospital. This was the bill which was to ONLY be about ways to give EVERYONE health insurance, right?

It's not that I don't want a children's hospital, I think everyone does, but..and I may sound mean, until we get federal funding for MY disease which 1 out of 5,000 people have (or about 70,000 in the USA only) nothing more should pass till we get some federal funding! We have NEVER gotten federal funding, however Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia which affects 4,600 people has received to date $22 MILLION! Or Tuberous Sclerosis which has 25,000 - 50,000 people, they have $13.5 MILLION to date.

With my disease, 600 have it in CT alone, and it has cost us $68.3 MILLION in PREVENTABLE Health care just in our state. And that does not include long term disability health costs. So, you can see why I WANT health care for EVERYONE with NOTHING attached, just start off with.

Because the Senator's have attached so much, the House will have no idea of what they are looking at now. If they don't pass it, will they have hell to pay? If they do, will they have hell to pay too? As I said before, scrap the health plan and let doctors who know what they need, like Dr. Howard Dean or Dr. John Barrasso, Republican from Wyoming.

Maybe I'm being wrong about this bill, but I don't think so.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ohio St Ext.

A neighborhood recovers after blast levels house; 24 homes without heat">

I was devastated to learn about the fire, but so relieved to learn that the family is ok. Believe it or not, I got the word from the Deputy Director of Emergency Management for our city. Since my husband and I are certified volunteers to be used in case of an emergency (like a fire, a tornado, a hurrican, the flu .. just to name a few) we will be called for duty, someday. And since we are on the notification list, we both got notified about the same time today.

The Red Cross always comes through for people in need, but with today's economy, will the Red Cross some day NOT be able to help? That thought kinda scares me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oil Man's problem is..

Yesterday we had to leave at 6 am for an appointment at 8 am, so when we left and the house felt cold, I though it was because of the time. After the appointment, which turned out to have a good outcome, we went shopping and didn't get home till almost noon. As we walk in we notice that the house was COLD! I looked on the thermometer and it was 58 degrees! We listened and the furnace wasn't running. I turned up the heat and the furnace never turned on! So, I called the oil man and he showed up in about an hour. He worked for two hours, put in a new filter, as somehow we never had a filter and when he left everything was fine, hot water again, as the furnace also heats the water.

We went to bed as usual but when I woke up at night I was a bit worried as it felt COLD AGAIN. But I went back to sleep and slept till 7:30 pm. As I went by the thermometer to check the temperature it was 58 degrees again! And it was now 8 am! I called the fuel company and they promised to send the repair man again in the am, but he never got here till noon time.
When he got here he said that it must be a ghost in the pipes as everything was ok! A GHOST!

He spent the next two hours trying to find out what was wrong and he finally replaced something on the furnace, but since it is a brand new furnace, only 6 years old, I'm kinda worried that it might just be a ghost! But why would a ghost bother MY furnace? Anyone have any idea what it could be?

Monday, December 21, 2009


Ok, I spent the first part of the morning on the road dealing with the traffic, but since then I have come up with a brand new FELONY crime that is being done by roadsters of all ages, and that is DRIVING A CAR or TRUCK THAT HAS NOT BEEN PROPERLY CLEANED OFF WHEN IT SNOWS! OMG I can not believe what I saw. Tractor trailers getting on the Interstate and then driving 60 mph or faster leaving a snow storm for anyone who follows them, causing accidents right and left. Or, following a person driving a car that has only a hole to see out of and a hole to see behind them! Nothing else is cleared off, and then they try to pull on the highway, but since they can't see, they get a load of traffic behind them beeping their horns till someone gets pissed and drives on the wrong side of the road to get around them! And of course they NEVER clean off their car's license plate, so no one can call and report them to the police, no that might be too easy!

Maybe it was just too early in the day for me to get so upset, but man, people really need to re-evaluate their needs when the weather makes it more of a chore to go to the store or go someplace that they have to go, thats all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Jersey Man vs Brazil

My heart goes out to David Goldman, from NJ, who has been working with the Brazilian government to get his son back since 2004. The boy's mother went back to Brazil where she divorced Goldman, remarried and then unexpedly died last year in childbirth. Goldman tried to get his son and his son's step-father filed paperwork stating that he must stay.

I agree with Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey who wants to place a hold on a trade bill that would benefit Brazil. Congressman Chris Smith has even gone to Brazil with Goldman trying to make a difference.

A lot of people want to boycott Brazil in the 2016 Olympics because of what their Supreme Court is doing and based on its kidnapping policies and lack of respect for the Hague Convention.

What do you think? How I feel is on facebook.

Friday, December 18, 2009

How 'bout this..

Until we make the Senators and Congressmen come up with a health care program that EVERONE likes, they can just forgo their health insurance, just like most of us. Let them worry about going to the doctor or feeding their family this week, I bet there would be a good health plan on the board within 2 days! Even though they make more money than most of us will ever see, if any one of them had MAJOR health problems (and that is including all past Legislator's too) they would be the first ones to ratify a new more extensive program.

I think until it is the SAME program that they (the big shots) have or will get, we the citizens should not settle for anything less!

Healh Care Reform

I'm sorry but if somehow my vote mattered in Congress or the Senate I would tell them to NOT vote for the proposal as it stands now, scrap it and start from scratch again. When Dr Howard Dean says vote 'NO' then you have to figure hat he knows a lot more than most of them about what is the best for people when it comes to health aid and they have to vote 'NO' with him!

Dr Dean was Governor of VT for six terms, ran unsuccessfully for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. He was chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2005 to 2009, so he kind of knows what he is talking about! Vermont has "Dr. Dynasaur" program, which ensures universal health care for children and pregnant women. With today's economy it covers about 95% of ALL the people in VT. Why o why can't we have something like that? Please get rid of the health care reform as it stands now, and let someone who knows what they are talking about re-write the blasted thing!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our water is better than your water!

We have a fabulous water treatment plant that provides water to ¼ of the city. The good news is that the water is so pure by the time that it comes out of the water plant it is the cleanest in the USA! That’s right; it is the best in the USA and maybe even the world! The water goes through fibers with microscopic openings, coming out so clear that its turbidity can not be measured! (That means the measurement of water is so clear that it can’t be measured)! We give tours of the plant to water professionals from around the United States and from around the world! If you would have been reading the magazine that deals with water plants you would have seen our plant when it was finalized in 2008! This means that people don’t have to buy bottled water anymore! Our water is more pure and tastes better too!

Something as simple as bottled water is something that we, who live in our part of the city, can do without in today’s economy! And we don’t have to suffer; in fact people from around the world are jealous of us! For a change!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Farmer's Almanac

I like the Farmer's Almanac! I have used the weather part several times and it has always been right! It is really scary that something that is written 2 years ago (I think it takes that long as I know that it is so long to put it to press and they usually have the next years out by October, but maybe I am wrong!) I have check the Farmer's Almanac when I was planning a spring event and we could not have it inside if it rained, the almanac told me that it would be good weather and son of a gun if it weren't! Even if the next 2 months we had rain every weekend, the almanac was right for me!

Wouldn't it be nice if the Almanac could foresee OUR future and we had time to make a change for the better? I know I would if someone that I knew who wasn't lying to me told me that I should or shouldn't do something, I would probably take their advise, how about you? Would you listen to someone you trusted or do you think that only you know what is the best for your family? Really?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas shopping

I might be addicted! I LOVE shopping on the internet! I just go to and search for something that is needed and up pops 25 of them! All different prices too! If I were looking for a large red bow that goes on a tree, I would probably find even that! And since I have seven grandchildren to shop for, it makes it so much easier then before! I have never been the type of person who could just window shop, no not me. I like to know what I want, get it and get out as quickly as I can. (Which sometimes isn't always very quickly per my husband!) But with there being a thing called a computer I can just sit there and let my fingers do the walking and before I know it my shopping days are done! Now if only they could gift wrap them when they get here, my shopping problems would be solved!

Wouldn't it be nice if all our problems could be solved with one click of the mouse!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Politician's Wife

There have been a few comments that my husband is no longer a politician, since he no longer holds an elected office. Well I’m here to set the record straight; my husband will ALWAYS be a politician no matter what he does with his life.

From Wikipedia

A politician or political leader (from Greek "polis") is an individual who is involved in influencing public decision making. This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions, whether by means of election, coup d'├ętat, appointment, electoral fraud, conquest, right of inheritance (see also: divine right) or other means. Politics are not limited to governance through public office. Political offices may also be held in corporations, and other entities that are governed by self-defined political processes.

So, since my husband has almost been a politician his whole life, I will always be a 'politician's wife' Just to set the record straight.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Court today

We had to go to court today. Seems that an officer thought he could get a quick $130 fine for giving us a ticket for something that we always do, we use our handicapped permit when we park! See, this officer was on patrol in another state, in a parking lot area at the mall where all kinds of cars park from all different states. Well, we went there to visit with our daughter at her new job at Macy’s. We took her out to lunch and came out to the parking lot and found a parking ticket for $130 for NOT SIGNING OUR HANDICAPPED PARKING PERMIT! In our state it is not required, and I truthfully don’t know if it is in the state we were visiting, but to fine us for not signing our permit is just plain DUMB! It’s not like we were in a no parking space, not like the handicapped permit wasn’t right were it was suppose to be, it is almost as if the officer saw our car, thought he would get a ‘quota’ ticket, started to write the ticket and then realized that we DID have a handicap permit in the car, hanging where it was suppose to, so he had to write it for SOMETHING as he would get in trouble if he tried to cancel it.

My husband worked from home today, started working at 4:30 AM so that he could leave our house at 1:30 PM after a full day of work and then drive the 85 miles to get to court at 4 PM. We got there around 3:30 PM; saw a clerk who was a bit surprised by our ticket after looking at both of us. She made a copy of the handicapped parking permit and took the ticket and told us to appear at court which started at 4 PM. Once we got inside, we had to sit while they (the court officials) went through all the criminals that were there today (about 40 people, some of them really scary, one of them was arrested for something that he had been arrested for before, he was appearing in court for the 64th time!) then they started reading off everyone who was there for a parking/motor vehicle tickets. The first one was someone who had been arrested for drunk driving; they get to come back and appear next week. The next one was us! Well we got up there and the judge asks how do we plead? When we said not guilty he looked up at us and my husband started to talk. Since the ticket was for not signing the permit and since we are not required to do so in our state, the judge said ‘case dismissed’.We got there at 3:30 PM and got out at 5:30 PM and still had 85 miles to go. By the time I got home I was exhausted! But, my husband plans to write letters to the state, city, the mall, even to the store that we were in and file complaints. He may even file a complaint with the federal government; I think we will be in for a lot of ‘fun’. I have a feeling that the officer who tried to get a quick $130 might live to regret it. More to come about the saga of the parking ticket!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Same Sex Marriages

I just can’t understand it, why is there such a big deal about same sex marriages? Do you feel that you have the right to sit there and say that there should NOT be a marriage between a man and woman, two women, or two men? Where does it say that ANYONE has that right? After all, why should a man and woman have all the fun? Why can’t males or females have just as much fun as say Tiger Woods?

If you stop and think, back in the ‘good old days’ it was illegal for interracial marriages, if a male and a woman lived together and were biracial they could be arrested! It’s only been since the 60’s that US citizens NOW approve of their marriages. Two of my five children are in biracial relationships now; if we hadn’t changed my children could be in JAIL? And what, we have to treat their children differently since they are the product of a crime? What about those who are gay or lesbians, even though it is not their fault, are we to arrest them? Put them in jail? What about the children that they have, are we to shun them? Wake up America! Give us a few more decades and we will FINALLY realize that we should just MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS when it comes to people marrying each other! I’m just glad that I’m a justice of the peace and get to marry ANYONE and EVERYONE that wants to get married. I just love my job!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mike Huckabee

Watching 'The View' the other day, Mike Huckabee talked about what his role as Governor of Arkansas had been in regards to Maurice Clemmons, the man who killed 4 police officers in Washington State before he himself died at the hands of a police officer a few days later. Listening to him and not knowing much about Clemmons, I was drawn to Huckabee with what he says he went through before he decided to commuted the 108 year sentence for burglary and robbery. He displayed honesty and integrity for his conduct and explanation of his decision to award clemency. As a leader you are charged with making decisions that as some point might cause an adverse effect on others. A good leader owns up to all the decisions that he or she makes and does not provide excuses for the reasons they give when making a decision. He layed out his reasons for making the decision and we have to accept it. Will what he has done hurt or help his chances of running for president in 2012?

It was strange that a man, convicted of 2 felonies, both being non-violent, could get such a severe sentence. Was it because of his color, his sex, his socioeconomic background, what made it such a bad crime? Maybe if he hadn't spent so much time in prison he might have been able to changed what he turned into?

God protect each and every police officer each day when they go out on the road to 'Serve and Protect'. Amen

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The president spoke last night

With the president speaking last night I got to wonder just how many people REALLY listened to him? And didn't judge him until he was done? Most television stations seemed to have a different version to the same speech. How do you feel, did the president do a good job presenting what he wants to do, or was it a bad job? Should he have really talked about a troop withdrawal already? What do you think?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

National Guard ??

Why is it that some states have been called to duty in Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan more than other states? Or so it seems, as here in a northern state at least 3,000 men have been called to duty 4 times so far! FOUR TIMES! And they may be getting called up again! There are some cities, that when the firemen, police, mayor, business owners, doctors and hospital workers were called up the first time, the women were forced to work. And when the men came back and wanted their old jobs back, the woman didn’t want to give them back their jobs! They liked them!

Isn’t the National Guard supposed to be a group that stays at home and protects us in case of a natural disaster! Like calling in the National Guard when a hurricane hits the south? Or an earthquake hits an area, aren’t we suppose to be able to have our own troops close by so that when we need them they are there so that we can send them out somewhere that we want them to go to? Am I wrong in thinking something is wrong here?

Friday, November 27, 2009

250 miles from home

The other night we traveled over 250 miles to be with some of our family. As we were driving we could see diners that were popular, closed, forced out of business sometime within the past year. There were garages, restaurants, gas stations, doctors offices, all of them closed for business and the place up for rent. It got worse and worse the closer we got Canada, it was as if all of America was feeling the pinch of the times. When will it end? Is there any sign? I was hoping that we were starting to feel a little relief, but after seeing almost half of the state closed down I'm not feeling too optomistic right now. People who had jobs now out on the street, their family gone somewhere and the dad trying to find a job, it's just heartbreaking. I wish there and easy answer for everyone!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cigarettes vs marijuana

The cost of cigarettes keeps climbing and climbing. In some areas it is up to $10 a pack! They (the government) say that this is the easiest thing that they can tax, tax cigarettes and because of the people who have to be on them, they will pay, no matter what the price is! No matter that we, the government, let people use a drug that somehow is legal, we let them destroy their bodies with either 1st or 2nd hand smoke, but we won't let people who need marijuana, for medical use, be able to use it. We even have some states (more than I want to admit) that can put a doctor or patient in jail for using the drug that can help them that's not a pill or syrup or even monitored by a pump. I have been told, that because the government cannot control marijuana yet, they refuse to consider it. Why do they hurt people who need it to be able to live with their pain easier, and yet just tax cigarettes, when it is a proven fact that cigarettes do nothing good for anyone! Strange isn't it? I remember being able to buy cigarettes for my dad for 25 cents. They sold cigarettes and booze to minors in the 60's. If it were tried today, we would be putting the sellar in jail, how different 4 decades make!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Talking about TMI

Isn't it strange that TMI comes up into public view again? I kinda liked watching it on tv again, it brought back memories of when I was younger and cop work was so much simpler! We dispatched the local police officers for one county and TMI was in an adjoining county. So we got stuck doing everything that had to be done when TMI almost caused us to become a memory in some people's minds. Make sure today to tell someone that you care about them, least something happen to them or yourself and you never get the chance again!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity yesterday

We were invited to attend the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Award Ceremony yesterday to award someone that we have known for a few years, the 2009 Citizen of the Year Award! Listening to the biography of a person that I thought I knew a little bit about, made me realize how we really don't know a lot about most people at all. It was very impressive! Then as we listened to them talk about the man who they were going to award the 2009 Omega Man, we realzed it was someone that we knew! Again,I was amazed at how people that you think you know a little bit about turns out you don't know about them at all! We all need to start listening more to people and talking less about ourselves!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Had fun last night

I won free tickets to go to the IMAX Theater at The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk last night and got to see the special showing of 'The Light Before Christmas'. Since IMAX is just so neat, I got passes for my husband, my son & his daughter, my granddaughter. She is only 3 and had never been to a movie, so we were just a little bit worried. But as the theater filled up with almost more children than adults and some of them even younger than she is, I started to feel a bit better. As the lights started to tune down I was paying special attention to her, but I had nothing to worry about. She was riveted to her seat, watching each figure grow to above life size. As I was able to watch the story of a 'Night Before Christmas' unfold before my eyes, she never moved! Not for the entire show! And when it was over in less than 35 minutes she said "I love this, my movie, the bestest of ALL movies"

Isn't it nice to be a kid again, and have no worries. Everyone needs to be able to escape, if only for a little while, from reality. Do it this weekend, if not for yourself, for my granddaughter, so that you might have the 'bestest of all time'.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A good man

When my husband was a commissioner of a taxing district, he was one of the board of directors for the electric and water utility in our area, we met a man who had taken it on himself to have a Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless and low income people each year. He never asked for money, just supplies. And we even ended up working on one Thanksgiving with him, serving the turkey to people. But, since my husband knew that the electric and water departments had a community fund to help people who need help, he told the man, who applied and because of his unselfishness manner, was awarded $1500 each year. But, and here is the kicker, he ALSO starts before Thanksgiving getting Christmas toys for the kids, so that on Christmas Eve he can drive around and drop off toys at the children's houses! So, instead of using the whole $1500 for Thanksgiving he splits it and uses $750 for the diner and $750 for Christmas. And he won't take any money from anyone, when someone tries to give him something for the presents that he brings to the house, he always says no. I think someone like that should be rewarded with something special, I just don't know what yet.

Oh and because of what we do, like getting a case of sweet potatoes, 3 or 4 turkeys and I got some sweet potato pie once (which he LOVES) my husband does not want anyone to know what we individually do to help the man. It has always been our way of helping those that can't help themselves right now.

Wouldn't it be nice if EVERYONE could help in one way or another during this, a bad economic time?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smething about our past president

Did you know that our last president has put us further in debit than all the presidents throughout history combined? Each and every war, back to the Revolutionary War and up to and including Desert Storm has cost us less than what we have paid to date, for the war that has no name. And our new president has only been in office for 10 months, so take the total of the war without a name, subtract the last 4 months, as anything before that would have still fallen under the guise of the previous president, and that would be how much this last war without a name has cost us Scary isn’t it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A fresh idea

I have been talking with the Secretary of State and the Chairwoman of our State party today. Because we have an election coming up in March for town committee members and a chairperson, vice-chairman, treasurer, secretary, etc. I think, that, as a result of the election where most of one party lost, and most of the other party won, we need to step back and regroup. Each and every one of us. We need to find out what went right, because I'm sure there were right things happening around the state, and what went wrong and correct them so that they NEVER happen again! We need training! People are thinking about running for different positions in the local towns, but if they don't know what this job entails, how can they do the job right? It's not fair, today, to expect a person to take on the role of Chairperson of a city if they do not know what they are getting themselves into! Am I right, or am I wrong? What do you think.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sen. Joseph Lieberman's home

A lot of people came out today, about 500, candles bright, hoping that Senator Lieberman will keep the public option in the proposed health care reform bill, and let the bill come to a vote in the Senate. It amazes me that just one vote can carry such a big responce from the people who voted for him. Maybe they will have to reconsider their vote!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A thousand things to do but...

There were a thousand things that had to be done today, but it seems that not one got done today. What with the rain, the guys couldn't cut the tree down in the rain, so that didn't get done. Then, talking with a friend about issues was a bit educating. Seems that people, even today, don't understand the value of being a Democratic or Republican! You either are one party or another, and if you are the wrong party then you can't talk to the other party! Isn't' that a bit ridiculous ? And the people doing the talking are older than either on of us! If I talk to someone I don't care if he is a Martin from outer space, if I have something that both of us want to talk about, we will talk and no one had better say anything to either one of us, ever! But, instead of talking to me, they will call and tell everyone else what they think about me and the Martin talking. Don't we know better, what if someone else knew that we were talking! O my! Isn't life interesting!

Friday, November 13, 2009

What to do

My doctor told me Monday that I need a new knee! Seems that there is nothing left of the old one, it's bone on bone! But, since I am on so much other stuff I don't feel all the pain. Just the most severe, and then only when my knee locks up. It just does this at the strangest times, like when I am asleep in my bed and I suddenly wake up in pain. Or when I can't get up in the bathroom. So, maybe I will and maybe I won't, it's just that I trust my doctor with my life, so if he does get serious, then I guess I will consider it. I wonder how many people have their knees and hips replaced and go on to a long and happy life with little regret?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A huge politician was buried today

Otha Brown Jr was buried today after 78 years on earth. He was a teacher who taught from 1961 to 1990.  He was the Chairman of The Second Taxing District from 1982 till his death. He held so many political offices, from Common Council to the State Legislature from 1966 to 1972. He was among the first people to fight for the development of a Human Relations Commission and a Fair Rent Commission and he won! Both are going well and since I am a member of the Fair Rent Commission I speak from experience. As a teacher, politician, friend and mentor he lead a long and full filling life.

The city and state are a better place because of Otha Brown Jr living here. I hope that someday someone could say the same thing about me, but I don't think so! LOL

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yesterday was my day

Yesterday was two of my three son's birthday! Yes, #1 was one day late when he was born, his brother, #2,  was 16 days late, #1 was born around 2 pm, #2 was born around 11:30 pm, but both of them were born on the same day, two years apart! And because they were born the day before a national holiday, they always were able to stay up on their birthday and celebrate! It seems that it was so much easier back then, before we, as a family, had computers, video games, I-pod, calculators.. the list goes on and on! Remember when the kids would go out and play for hours and no one had to worry about anything happening to anyone, except maybe a scrapped knee or scratch here or there. Seems like days were much easier back then, what happen? Anyone have an idea what happen to days like that? Wish I knew.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy today

I had an appointment today at 1:30 pm and I wanted to get there on time. As there was a bad accident on I-95 that had closed part of the highway for over 8 hours, I figured I'd leave 1 hour to get 15 miles. Think again! I started on I-95 and came to a stop 1 1/2 miles from home. Traffic was stopped! I was able to get off the freeway and take the back roads and got to my appointment in time, with 15 minutes to spare! It seems that having an interstate is more of a hassle than an answer to most peoples problems. My husband says that when he was going to URI  ( University of Rhode Island ) in the 70's I-95 was already too small when they opened it! Why is it that with today's technology every time the people want something and they approach the federal government for help, by the time they finally get it approved and find out that it is funded it is already obsolete? Is this what happens any time the government gets involved? Like the bridge to nowhere in Alaska?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Had a beautiful day today..

Sometimes you just know that a day is going to be a beautiful day, well that's what today was! We drove around a Naval Base and my husband talked about how he and his college roommate would go to the PX and get liquor, etc. See, his roommate's dad was Lieutenant so his son could get on base with his authority.  Then he talked about working as a tailor for Navy officer's candidates and bringing uniforms into the base and having the guards at the gate salute them as they came in, full salute!  They had an officer's sticker on the cars that they used to drive into the base and even thought the guard knew who they were, they still had to salute~! Man would they get mad as the guys would smile as they drove by!

It was good getting away for a couple days, I think everyone should if they can. Even just going to a hotel/motel in the same town and just relaxing and not worring about anything often helps you clear your  mind, I know it has helped me a lot.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A long way from home..

It's the Friday after the election. I've had time to lick my wounds (you'd think I lost, LOL) and since my husband already has plans in the works, I'm not worried, even though I never was really. Just think, we get back our week days and nights again! No more juggling every weekend with three or four places to go!

But I have a problem,  we have to go 80 miles one way to the wedding on Saturday afternoon, We have to be there Saturday by 6:00 pm for the rehearsal, and the wedding is at 2:30 pm Sunday afternoon The hotel will let us in at 4 pm and out by noon or 1 pm, so if we check in right at 4 pm and get where we have to by 5:30 pm we will be ok. But, until I checked my notes, I thought we were going to drive around for 5 hours. Man, was I glad that I checked my notes!

Notes are very important, in all manners of our daily live! I'll get back to you Sunday evening, have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


My husband lost the election on Tuesday. We thought he had a chance, but with the new way of voting, the odds were against him. It was a really bad turnout. Not to mention that the other party had more people vote than 4 other polling stations together. They wanted to change the Board of Ed, and they knew that they had to get out and vote. So they did. And since our party had done nothing to help our candidates, we only got 6 positions out of about 35! Glad we can get away Saturday as I still have the wedding practice that day and then the wedding on Sunday! Yeah!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just so you know

It looks like Mike lost today. We don't have the numbers yet (the town committees is to stupid to actually put numbers out there ), but there's only 1 out of the 5 candidates that were running at large that looks good. However, there are 503 absentee ballots that have to be added on to the total list, but it doesn't look good for Mike. We came home and he's already asleep, isn't it nice to be able to sleep even when you loose an election. It wasn't the money ( he was getting $44.76 a month for being on common council) it's more that each candidate had to campaign alone and since Mike can't go door to door maybe that hurt him more than what he has done to help the city in the two years that he was on the common council.  But, I will get the final numbers and let you know soon.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Is today finally over?

Mike had off from work  so that he could go down to the train station and talk to people today. But, since he has also been feeling a little under the weather, I've been a bit concerned about what he might have, so when he said at the last minute that he would not be going to the train station, I was relieved. But then he said that he wanted to see a doctor about his foot, so we spent 1/2 the day either trying to see a doctor, or driving around with GOTV signs. See we had the GOTV signs that went up all around the community telling people that a van will pick them up at a certain time and place take them to their voting place if they needed a ride. As a lot of the signs went out to senior centers and large apartments that don't have cars, and it's hard for the people to get around. I spent 2 hours putting up 5 sings. Finding the area was tough, some of the areas stood out easily while others were hard to find. But I think I found them all, and hopefully a lot people will use the free vans and vote tomorrow.

Tomorrow's the day, give me strength. My husband has my son and myself getting up at 5:00 am and checking all voting places to make sure his signs get put up right. I let you all know what happens late, no matter what .

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday's are always nice days..sometime

My husband wasn't feeling too good today, so we decided to stay at home and just take it easy. Not to mention that my husband had to re-boot the computer system, a 24 hour updating process. So, he got to play on the computer and I got to sleep in and then watch tv! And other than a few phone calls, it was a good day. We know of a couple who are in their 70's and still going strong. Yesterday, today and tomorrow may possible go down in history as one of the hardest days for them. Because we, as a party, are having problems with the powers that be, our District chairman has taken it upon himself to get 4000 palm cards for 13 different polling place, or 52,000 ! By tomorrow by 9:00 am! Not to mention that our chairman has secured the use of two window vans to go around Tuesday and stop at places to pick up people and take them down to the voting polls. So, tomorrow I get to take fliers to each place, to post at their mailbox site! Plus I have to make sure I know where they will be going to vote! So, better get out the voters info quickly! Hope everything runs smoothly! Two days left!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Motivated speaker

Last night I saw a man, who some say is good, some don't like him, but MAN can he speak! Listening to him make me think that we, as people, can do ANYTHING! I had to remember to listen to what he was talking about and not who was doing the talking. I left the meeting place and was ready to do ANYTHING for the good of EVERYONE. But, I had  supper to make, then posting all my pictures on FB, so I was busy till late last night. But I think most people liked my pictures, but, hey, I was just having fun. And, the bigger news, it is only 3 more days till the election will be over! One way or the other. And a week till I preform a wedding 80 miles from home! Always looking forward to weddings, this one maybe a bit more because we get to stay over night for the wedding! Have a practice the night before the wedding and I'm not driving 80 miles one way just to do it again the next day, 320 miles is a bit too much, don't you think? So I'm staying and enjoying myself with my husband!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Something different today

As I told you yesterday, I am sometimes used as a secretary, but today I became a photographer and took some pictures of some important people. Thank goodness there is such a thing as cropping your shots afterwards, so that anyone can make a picture look good after taking it! LOL

I always loved taking pictures, have lots of shots of the kids when they were growing up. But, ever since my medical condition changed, I found it hard to take pictures, but my husband  now has me back to taking pictures again with new technology! And I love it! I am even registered as a photographer with my local newspaper, in case they need a shot of something or someone that I took.  They have never used me, but it's nice thinking I'm important!

4 days till election day!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can you believe it..

As secretary of the district that I live in, sometimes I get asked to e-mail a note, or something small. Well, not today. I got asked to put together two press advisories and one flier to go out via e-mail to the town committee members who want to see..Al Sharpton! I know that there are some people who hate him (my husband included) for what he did in the Tawana Brawley controversy (1987) as well as several others. But, a lot of the people that I know think he is a good man, and because of him things have changed, however I don't know if they have changed for the betterment or worst for his words.

However Al Sharpton is coming tomorrow at 7 PM to get a rally going to get people motivated to GOTV and I hope it works!  He also plans to talk about the upcoming election and the fact that there are only 2 African American women running  for 4 seats for BoE, and since there are 59% of students that are a minority, they should be represented. I have a feeling it won't be dull tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Seven Days till Election Day

Got some bad news yesterday, a member of a political party died sometime within the last week. He last spoke to his friend last week, had really bad pain in his arm and would not let anyone else get his medication. He was en route to the pharmacy and promised to call his friend when he got back. That was Monday, he never called Tuesday, she kept calling and e-mailing him, with no answer. On Sunday, at an event, she and some others started talking and she got more worried than ever, so when they were done the event they went over to the house. they had to break in to the house and found his body, dead for some time. As he was running for re-election, we have had a big name stepping up and agreeing to run in his place. It's almost a done deal, everyone loves the new candidate and out of respect for the old candidate I think they will give him the votes.

As I had to file 2 reports for the 7 days before an election rule, I thought I was done, but as I'm an assistant treasure, at the last minute I had to file another report before the 4:30 pm deadline.  Now the candidates are down to the line, only 7 more days till election. Actually as I am writing this at 9:15pm, in 7 days we should know if my husband is a winner or a loser. Do I hope for a win or a loss, not really sure yet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Job is a career

Yesterday I was at an event for yet another person running for office, the only problem is this job is his career. That's right, a person running for a town clerk position and since we, the people, have deemed that it is an elected position, rather than a job that goes to the best qualified person, we get a qualified person and then make them run every 2 years for their job. And it's not like we give them extra money so that they can run, no, we make them hold events so that we can get donations. And that's where I come in, the candidate asked me to collect money for his event!  So that's what I did and probably raised $600 easy. Wouldn't it be nice if EVERYONE could raise that much money with only 1 event. Problem is that it won't even cover 1/10 of what is needed  for a campaign anymore.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another day another dollar

Today, Saturday, I had to get up and go with my husband to a common council at large debate. It was held inside a church, made me feel a little like people who used to use the church for town hall meetings years ago. It was held by the League of Women Voters, so you would think that it would have run smoothly. But no, think again! It was the most mismatched group of questions that I have ever heard. Not to mention that the LWV didn't know how to even ask the questions, once the thing got started. It was 90 minutes long, and about 15 minutes was spent not getting the right sound equipment working, then asking everyone to repeat their answers. Luckily, my husband was #10, so even though he didn't have to talk much, he had plenty of time to formulate what he wanted to say. Not that he doesn't already know what he wanted to say. We went home and he slept all afternoon, since he is sick with a bad cold, nothing more.

Friends of ours got to see our PRESIDENT last night as He was in a town really close by (about 10 miles away). Tickets were $1000! so I had to wait to get the low down today. Our friend said that it was great, but that there were a lot of state legislators who kept talking about the bad performance of our DTC!

Isn't it a shame that a person can't be proud of the city that they come from because of the childishness of people in power?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crime is happening everywhere

I just got a phone call from a man who was listening to his scanner and heard that there were two robberies, both by the same men. I listened and could hear his radio, and heard the officer calling for K-9 (which they didn't have available) and officers setting up a perimeter. See, I understood, because for 14 years I worked as a police dispatcher! I have worked through TMI (Three Mile Island in PA) to the San Jose earthquake in CA, to any and all crimes imaginable through out my life. So, even thought this was scary for people, at least there weren't any guns, just knifes, and no one was hurt. But because my husband is chairman on the Health, Welfare, Public Safety and Emergency Management Committee , he has to answer to the people about why there wasn't a K-9, why cops didn't get there faster, why no one has been arrested yet, the list goes on and on. Could it be that the economy is getting worse and good people are resorting to crime to try to provide for their families. Or might it be that crime is getting worst because druggies need a fix and will go further and further to find money. Either way be careful today and always!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A bit different day..

We were asked last night to go to a library's forum about the coming election. My husband, as well as 9 other candidates where invited to speak at the meeting. They first had our mayoral candidates talk for an hour about different things that they want to do. However, one candidate, who is also running for sheriff & governor of our state, talked about what the Russian are doing to our government (per 1960's) and how we needed to take back our government and stop all taxes everywhere! In fact his manner and speaking could have caused him to be arrested, as he was starting to scare women listening to him. But after awhile he sat back down and kept his seat, even though it was hard.

After the mayoral candidates talked the library then invited the 4 candidates running in district to step up and answer a few questions. An hour later they were finished and then the library asked for the ten candidates that are running at large. One of the ladies had already left and another had never showed up, so it ended up being just 8 of them. Each of them had 2 minutes to speak about themselves and why they think they would be a good person to get elected, that was it! After waiting till 8:30pm my husband get to speak for just 2 minutes! I know everyone was upset with not having more time to speak, but then what can you do? You have to do what the moderator wants, but just 2 minutes?

How many days is it till election, 13?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is it election day yet?

Man have we been busy these last few days. Sunday we had two events to go to, a neighborhood association meeting with everyone from both parties there, and then a Greek Dance! The neighborhood association meeting was held in a BEAUTIFUL hotel! It's the type of hotel that, unless you have at least $1 million dollars you can't stay there! Man was it nice! My husband got to hob-nob with other candidates, in fact the other party sat down with us, because they liked us so much! At least some people put politics aside for the betterment of all, I wonder when EVERYONE will just try to get along?

Then there was the Greek Dance. One of the candidates is Greek, so his family has come out to support him. The music was so good! I could have listened to it all night long. It was a bit strange, no one got introduced per say, we got introduced to the people who's table we were sitting with, but no formal introduction, someplace where everyone gets to cheer for their politician. Things keep getting stranger and stranger.

Then we had MY event last night. I have been planning a pizza party for TWO MONTHS! The pizza parlor is DIRECTLY across the street from the parties headquarters, so that would mean that everyone could come to the party, right? No, at the last minute the League of Women Voters decided to hold a mayoral forum and a forum for the candidates running in district! The same night as my pizza party! Needless to say, only 6 pizzas where bought and we went home with more than one pizza left over! Can't complain, it would do no good, besides who could I complain to?

And just when I think that I am finished with having to be at the fundraisers, we have 2 more coming up, 1 of which I have been asked to take the money for another candidate! He just knows that he won't have a problem with me and my friend taking money, it's just there are some people who steal money right from under the noses of candidates.

How many more days till the election, 13 days? It is not coming fast enough!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We had fun this AM

We took off this morning to go to another District's meet and greet at 10 am. My husband had seen the ad in the newspaper about the event, and since it never said anything about one party or another, we thought we are all invited. Imagine our surprise when we go there and saw that the other party was the only one with signs. My husband went down to see what was up and learned that the other party had rented the park for four hours and we had to take our political sign down when the other parties chairman showed up! We could put it up outside of the park, but it had to be removed from the park! Needless, I was a bit upset, as he didn't tell my husband right away, he told ME! We picked up the sign and put it outside at the entrance. We had friends come over to us and tell us to go ahead and put our sign back, but we never did. We even had the District's chairman of the other party tell us that she was offended by her chairman's actions and that she hoped that we would stay and we could put our sign back in the park! Isn't it shameful that parties have to feel threatened by a simple sign? Not the person, but his sign? Does that mean that my husband is a treat to him and his party? Strange, getting stranger every day!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Where did we go wrong?

Here it is 17 days till the election and we still don't have staff working together at headquarters! We don't even have staff! In fact, till this morning no one even had a key so that they could get in during the day and make phone calls! And everyone thinks we are doing just a wonderful job and we will be able to get everyone we want elected! (Or though they say in public) In private they say that there will be very few people who will win, but hey, it's not their fault, even though they are running as well and pulling the party down.

I know that we will get at least two people elected, because they represent one party in the district, but at this point I'm not even sure my hubby can win. The party that he represents tried to not get him elected at the primary (but they lost) and they have done nothing for him or the people that our district represents since August. And then they wonder why we don't want to go to an event right before the election and pay with our hard earned money that people gave my husband to get him elected. So, what do you think, should my husband go to an event that has all one party talk about themselves, or maybe he should go to an event that has possibly new people that he has never seen before, so that he can find out what he (as councilman) can do to help them? I'm kinda leaning towards the event with new people, give me your feedback.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Today is Blog Action Day

Global warming is hurting us all. Today is the first blog action day that I have taken part in. I hope that you find something that you can believe it.

Yesterday's messy day

Yesterday was so busy, I had to go to the bank for a candidate and get his debit card, stop by his house and take some pictures of him, so that they can be put in the flier that will be going out to the media and everyone else one week before the elections. After coming home, sending the pictures via e-mail for him and another candidate's picture, I spent an hour on the phone with the bank activating the debit card for him! Then I had to take off and go to a neighboring city for a doctors appointment with my husband. We waited in the doctors office for almost 2 hours! and finally had to reschedule his appointment as he had 3 meetings that he had to attend to that evening.
So, we took off again, stopped at a deli and got subs for supper, took them over to city hall and ate them as we waited for the meetings to start. Four hours later we went home, exhausted, and really not sure why the meetings have to be so drawn out. Certain people think that since it is so close to election time that they can make a name for themselves if they question everything, making themselves look like a fool in reality. Only 19 days till the election! Come on election!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I have a question

Does anyone read my blog? I'm thinking that no one cares & I'm going about it wrong, so if I don't get an answer I will be shutting down by the weekend.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sign damage already..

At 8:00 o' clock last night I got a call from a friend, who just happens to be running for the same position as my husband. Seems that another politician had put one of his signs in her front yard! Only problem is that he is for the other side! It seems that even though candidates are to ask people if they can put their sings in their yard, the new ones don't think that this rule applies to them! I hope that I am wrong, but I am seeing political signs all over in public areas. And they are from both sides of the political parties! Why do both sides play games? Why can't people just get along? Guess I'll have to do some checking to find out legally what can happen, stay tuned.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sign day

We spent 4 hours delivering signs to residents who will let us put the signs for my husband's election, in their yards! Man was that tough! And we only delivered 25 signs! We still have 50 to pass out, but I am hoping that we can get people to pick them up tomorrow at the Harbor Lights event. We have to keep 45 signs to put out on election day, 14 poles times 3 signs per pole is 42 signs. And since we have already put them up at a local restaurant, we have to have extras signs in case someone steals them or destroys them. Isn't it bad, that in this day and age, we have to worry about signs getting destroyed because of the juvenile acts of adults! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone running didn't have to worry about their signs! I hope that someday we won't have to worry anymore.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Starting to age me more

I must be getting old, my get up and go has got up and left me by myself! This planning on political events every week for 5 weeks is really starting to get to me! I hope that this helps the Democrats, but I'm getting tired. We have planned on two more events from our District, however, someone never contacted the place that we were going to hold our Halloween event for Mike. Isn't that sweet? We still have a Champagne Brunch the Sunday before elections, but that money doesn't go to anyone except the town committee, so it's not like we get anything directly from them.

Have talked to a man who is owner of a taxi business. He will be driving people to the polls election day for free. After they vote, he (or one of the drivers) will drive them to a grocery store so that they can do their shopping. Their only expense will be paying for a taxi ride home. You really have to love the way they will try to help anyone who wants to get out and vote. Wouldn't it be nice if every city adopted the policy of giving everyone a free day on election day.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another day over with

Think even my husband is getting a bid tired from all the people seeing. He felt bad this morning, so we missed a mass at a church that we have been wanting to go to. But, the invite will still be good for next weekend., I hope Since I was preforming a wedding at 2:00 pm, we had to get dressed and go! But, it was a beautiful ceremony, they even translated the ring exchange into their native tongue!

We then had a event that was very nice, the problem is that it seems that most of the events are being attended to by people who are running! The economy is bad, but I guess it's even worse than what I think. No one is coming because they just can't afford it! The main thing is, I want EVERYONE that I talk to, that comes to any event, to make sure that they GET OUT AND VOTE! I would love it if more and more people vote each and every time that they can. If you don't vote, then you don't have a say in what kind of government we have. Please vote your conscious, vote for those people who believe in what you believe in. PLEASE!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Long hard day

I have been going non stop since 9:30am! It is now 11pm I have to get to sleep, have another hard day tomorrow. Seven different things that we had to do today, Six of them done for my husbands' campaign, just one done for me and that was a wedding! I have another wedding tomorrow and since I love marrying people, I could do that all day long! I would probably do it for free, but I know that they should pay the justice of the peace because I don't want them taking their vows as not being important. If they wouldn't have to pay they might think that it's too easy not to worry about it.

It was a great day, we met allot of new people, but some old ones too, and I glad that as a whole, we get along, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I know hat SOME of both parties refused to come to our neighborhood BBQ, but those that came where very happy with what they saw.

That's what politics is all about. Learning to stand up for what you beileve in, but at the same time, learning to get along with everyone. Wish they all knew this!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bullying even today

Believe it or not, people still bully others even when they are adults. They never grow up! I know all about bullying, you see, I was bullied as a child. As an elementary school student I was bullied by a girl who was 2 years older than me. We used to pick her up with the school bus and she would start in on me the moment she got on ! At recess she would come out and start calling me names (Rauma is a llama), stupid stuff like that, but back in the 60's no one knew that they had a problem with her. (It wasn't till I was in my 20's and saw her again that she apologized and told me that it was because of her mother and what she was going through that she took it out on me and only me. She knew I would do nothing about it, and I never did! ) When I got to 5th grade I had male teacher who was sadistic. He would take fifth graders and make them kneel on a window pole for an hour, hold their arms out, holding books forever, he even hit the end of a ruler into the mouth of a girl with braces once! I was lucky, he only abused me one time, when I told my parents they started to get rid of him. It took my parents and other parents 8 months to finally have peace at school. But, because it was a Catholic School, after they let him go, we did nothing for the remaining 6 weeks. But, my parents refused to pay for us to go to that school again, so for the next year I still went to the Catholic School and my brothers went to public schools. Anyway, the bullying by the girl got so bad that I stopped riding the school bus on days that she would be going home and always got a ride with someone else. By 7th grade I was able to go to public schools and Jr High became my refuse, no more bullying by anyone ever again.

Not till I got involved in politics and witnessed it happening again! It made me digress back to the 60's and start to wonder if they have always been talking about others behind closed doors?
It seems that maybe these people have never grown up and are still the bullier that some of us hate!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Housing meeting

I had to attend a housing meeting that I could not miss, as I was planning on defending someone if she needed it. But, surprise, she didn't need me at all, she defended herself quiet well, in fact I was told, by one of the housing committee that they didn't have to hear me at all. And since she was studying to be a lawyer, they (the housing committee) think she will be a great lawyer! I think, I hope that we won, but she will find out tomorrow. This is a single mom who works two part time jobs, is going to college for a legal degree, and still has time for her three babies. Not too bad for a woman who is only 25 yrs old. maybe 27! I'm happy that I was there if needed, but she handled it herself beautifully.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Running around again..

New week, new event this Friday! I am trying to get fliers out to everyone, along with tickets for those who want to go. It just doesn't seem fair, some people work really hard and no one knows it, but if something goes wrong, guess who gets in trouble! The workers!

Maybe if EVERYONE pulled their own weight in this endeavor, we would all have a easier time! Let us start something, let us try to look beyond ourselves and look at the WHOLE picture before offering options that are not really needed!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Well one day down...

Well the first event is over and we had a really good time. About 50 people showed up, maybe half of them politicians, which wasn't as bad as it might have been. We had taxi cab drivers there, people who spoke English but Spanish is easier for them, people that we had never seen before, so I personally think we did good. As long as new people want to get involved with the voting process, then I think we had done a good job.

Now, the next event comes up this Friday night, from 4 - 8 pm. Hopefully we will get new people again. All I want in politics is to teach people that they have a right to vote, and I want to make sure that they use it wisely on issues that are important to them.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Almost time

Well I'm down to less than 24 hrs till our first event. But, and here's is the problem, I have been working all week alone! One of my committees people has the flu, the other one had her phone turned off for 3 days, one is in Alabama on a much needed vacation, one isn't answering her phone and one just got back Tuesday, so he has been running around, like me, like his head was cut off! And now, since the head group is having an event at almost the same time, no one seems to be coming to our event! Ain't it bad that those in power within the party are tying to tear the party apart! I have tried to go to someone in the state level, but I must not be that important, as nothing has been done yet. Maybe we should move and leave the problems behind us, but my husband says that bad people can be found in any government, you just have to know where to look. Why can't we all just get along?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What do you do....

What would you do if a friend of your has been told by her doctor that she has H1N1 virus? A friend of mine who lives in South Norwalk has the virus now. I saw her on Thursday and she looked and seemed fine to me, I wonder if she was feeling ok? Hind sight is something that I always do, and thinking back to last Thursday I remembered that it had just started raining so we cut the meeting to just exchanging paperwork. I just want to help her now, but I don't know what to do. Her doctor put her on antibiotics, and considering what I have wrong with me (everything!) if I did go and see her I could hurt her recovery! Ain't it hell having a disease that makes me unable to help like I want to?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trying to find out why?

I have been asked to go in front of the appeals board of the housing department on behalf of a woman who got lost in the cracks of the system. She is a good person, never been involved in the sale of drugs, has never been arrested, has small children, and is a good single mother. I hope that I can help her.

I have gone to bat once before for another family tried to correct a mistake they had made and they almost lost their home. It took a lot of people, including me, to appeal to the housing department and again, plead their case, that they are good citizens, never do drugs, have children going to college on scholarships, are members of the community that other look up to them. That they are sorry and have paid back all the money that they owed. (They won)!

Each case is different, and I always worry that I will say the wrong thing at the wrong time. At least I only go every 6 months or so, so hopefully the housing department always believes me. As usual my advisor is a lawyer, who writes up each case and has it all laid out for me to understand. At least I never have to worry about politics there, politics never enter this.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Taxi Cabs Problems

Well, we were down with the taxi cabs at 7:45 am at the South Norwalk Train Station on the south bound side of the train tracks. Seems that the city (our mayor) won't let ANY taxis on the north bound side, so if ANYONE calls a taxi cab and asks to have him pick them up on the north bound side, they are told that they can only catch a taxi on the south bound side. Please explain the mentally of the man (our mayor) to do that? We thought that, as the mayor has said, that the north bound side is ONLY for buses, and that ALL buses would be on the north side. However, as we learned today, buses park where no taxi's are allowed, to the front of the station and they DON'T GET TICKETS! But the taxi's GET TICKETS ALL THE TIME! A taxi cab driver parked where he is told he must park and went into the train station to use the restroom. When he got back he had 3 $50 TICKETS!

We went down there because the taxi cab drivers were going to going to hold a demonstration at 9:00am. And they did! They stopped picking up people and drove around the train station in protest, while Steve, the Democratic mayoral hopeful, held a press conference about the cab drivers and other issues that are happening at the South Norwalk Train Station! Let's hope that something good happens, because the taxi cab drivers are really good people in bad situations.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A politician's day at an event

We had fun at a couple of events today. One was at the museum where we got to listen to a baseball book author talk about baseball in the OLDEN days! Days that even I remember! O no! We got there a little late, so we missed some of his talk, but it was interesting, to say the least!

Then we got to go to a political event for friends of ours running for either common council in their own district, or people who are running at large. We have a semi big event happening tomorrow, guess the TV stations will be there, and because my husband has been asked to be there, I'll be there too! If it gets on the news, I will let you know. And if I get it on YouTube, I will try again to get it out for everyone to see.

I just realized, I have to get a press release out to newspapers, TV stations and magazines tomorrow about our upcoming event! Sometimes people don't realize just how much work they expect one person to do. How about you, do they give you a lot of work to do in a short time period?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I tried something different...

Well, I thought I would try something a bit different, that's where yesterday's blog came from. I still don't know how to paste items that I read and want to include in my blog, but maybe I will sooner or later!

Was hoping to be able to show you a video by youtube. It's about a garden that we all like, even me! Lets see if I can't figure this out, one way or the other.

Ok, let me know if I did it right, even though maybe no one else reads this stuff!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally got the low down for the election

I am trying to download the candidates info from another blog, but it is not working! Why not? Maybe tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waiting for paperwork

Spent all day long waiting for the fliers for our different events to show up. Wanted to get them out to the different people who will be placing them around the city, but they never showed up till 6:30pm! So, after counting them in groups of 50, I will be distributing them tomorrow!

We went to another meeting, but this time it was just a listen and maybe learn a little bit. Turns out that everything is already covered by one of four different departments, that in reality there was no need for the meeting. But, certain people like to remind others that THEY are in charge of items that they have really no control of, they just like to hear themselves talk. Problem is, more and more people are starting to dislike certain other people and cause our party to get a bad mark because they are going about it all wrong. Why won't people listen and treat others with respect regardless of what political party they are?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Talking with a doctor

I had a doctors appointment today with one of the many doctors that I see every month or every other month. One nice thing about this doctor is that we get to talk politics. Like most doctors that I see, he is one of the BEST in our state, in fact when I tell people about him, they smile and say that they have traveled 4 hrs to see him! Anyway as I was telling him about me we got to talking about Congressman Jim Himes. And he, being a physician and a Republican, was talking about the new health plan that Jim was talking about, at several different forums during the last couple weeks. As we never got to hear him speak, I wanted to know what the doctor thought about him talking. He said that he was invited to a private forum just for doctors to listen to want he had to say. My doctor didn't get to go, as he wanted to listen, did not want to support him, but as one of about 100 CEOs doctors who were invited, he wasn't sure how he came across. But, he did make a wise comment: Congressman Jim Himes only represents the 4th District of CT, so when he gets back and tries to convince people that he talked to his constituents, they may not take his word as gold, after all he has only been in office since January. But again, it's like expecting him to be the boiler room man of the Titanic, it's not his fault!

I like that, he's just the boiler room man, not the one who drove the Titanic to disaster!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

The weather is beautiful today, after a rainy Friday and a misty Saturday. We got to go to the Rowayton History Day and Mike got to put on his political shirt (one of about 20 that he has) and debate with some people about health care. Problem was, they all agreed! Got some great pictures of the American flag flying over some boats in the cove. It was really nice, but I forgot to bring any money! Everybody wanted money! See, if you don't have any money they want nothing to do with you! LOL not really, but as I was hot and thirsty, we didn't stay too long. Hope Mike got a few more people to vote for him, they talked a good talk!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Justice of the Peace Again

Yesterday was so nice! I got to marry two wonderful people and then they got to celebrate! Two hundred people helped them celebrate, and celebrate they did! We left the festivities around 9:00pm, getting too old to stay out late! LOL. It still took us an hour to get home!

I thought it would be a night filed with fun, no talk about politics, but when a lady asked me how I became a justice of the peace, I had to be truthful. I told her that so many JP's are elected as Republicans, so many Democrats and so many Independents every 4 years. And, yes, I approached my political party because I wanted to be able to help others in a wonderful way. I was lucky, they nominated me, and luckier still that they re-elected me for another 4 year term. I hope that I can do this for a long time!

Sometimes being political DOES have good things happen too!

Friday, September 11, 2009

A wonderful wedding

There will be a wonderful wedding tonight and since I am the JP I get to be there and perform it! Practice last night went well, we practiced it outside, but it looks like the wedding will be inside, in candle light tonight!

Yesterday we found a printer on line who will print the fliers for 2 1/2 cents per side! Man, and I was happy when UPS old me they could do it for 5 cents a side! At least, we had someone who has dealt with the company before, it's so scary when looking, if you have never dealt with a company before your half afraid to trust them. Wouldn't it be nice if we could trust each company on line the same way that we used to be able to trust the companies at home!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been spending the entire day getting quotes from different printers for our meeting tonight, in fact in 25 minutes! Man, I thought it would be easy, you send the printer an e-mail with everything on it and then they respond back with a price, right? Wrong! #1 I went down to the first one, and they told me that they would send me an answer via e-mail. Found out yesterday that I had the wrong e-mail address, so I had to send it again. Went to #2, they said that when I sent it, they thought it might be spam, so they threw it away! I had to call them after I sent it, so that they would NOT throw it away. #3 said they never got it, so they gave me a receipt with info on it. #4 I talked to yesterday, they said that they would send it yesterday, well, I had to call them today and then, and only then, did the girl PROMISE to respond to me if I sent it again, and she did! In fact at 5:30pm I have 3 out of the 4 that I need.

It wasn't till the meeting was over that someone pointed out to me that we can get copies made MUCH cheaper if we use the INTERNET! Duh, I wonder what else I am forgetting!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long holiday weekend.

Well, we spent Labor Day weekend up in Vermont with my husband's mother. She is a wonderful woman, an inspiration to everyone who knows her. I think I love her because she was born the same year as my mother, and since my mother died when I was 6 yrs old and she was 31 yrs old, I have gotten older and I have come to miss her daily. But, having my husband's mother has helped me a lot.

When we were driving on the back roads, to avoid the busy, traffic filled highway, we got a phone call from the head of a political party, who wanted to talk to both of us about an issue that was going on. Because we couldn't always get good reception with our cell phone, we couldn't really talk, however we kind of got the message across. Since I talk too softly (can you imagine that!), I never get to talk on the cell phone that is attached to our stereo in the car. Yep that's right, when a call comes in to my husband's cell phone he answers it and then he can talk while driving without holding ANYTHING! Actually it makes the car our cell phone! So, because of driving the back roads, our cell phone couldn't connect to regular calls via the cell phone!

So, we spent the entire weekend without a computer or even much of a cell phone! Kinda nice, but kinda hard, I have so much to do, and so little time to do it in. Isn't that what most people say in this day of ages, don't we all have too much work to do and too little time to do it in? I can't remember what it was like before computers, can you?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Once in a while

Sometimes it's nice being just a wife. I have been busy on the computer putting together fliers for our 4 events. But, that's not the best part, we now have the fliers in Spanish and English! And I got to read, in Spanish, the events! I even had to consolidate them a little bit. You have to understand, languages where never a big thing in my life, but after living in CA for almost 10 years and talking (kind of) almost daily with Spanish speaking people, I was learning how to ask important questions over the phone, but never had to read it. So for the first time, I had to read Spanish and make sure I liked it! Luckily I did it!

Then I made four events on facebook, so I was up till after midnight last night getting them done. And again, because they are political, I have to make sure that they do not offend anyone, but because they are for one party or another, they will probably offend someone. I wish people could remember that, most of the other party seems fine with what I do, but there are a few that tell your friends that they should not associate themselves with us, because after all, we are on the other side of THEIR fense.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I've been thinking..

Today I started thinking about all the politicians I have seen in the last two days and I came up with a new stat: the US Congressman, US Senate Candidate, State Senator, State Rep's, Gubernatorial Candidates, local mayoral candidates, Republican and Democrat Common Council Candidates, it was the local candidates who never thanked me for inviting them. And, truth be told, it was some of the Democrats who never said thank you, not the Republicans. Everyone else, Congressman Himes, State Senator Bob Duff, Merrick Alpert, Mayor Don Malloy, they all took the time to thank me. Not that I wasn't doing my job as secretary of the event, but to find and come up and thank me individually made me proud of each and every one of them, thats all. People who know who put them in office and make sure to thank them get a higher mark, in my book, then those who just expected to be there. Maybe if more people thanked each other and asked what can they do to help each other, we would all be in a better place.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long day almost over

Well, it's bedtime, so this LONG day is almost over. We went to a church activity this morning, a lot of great singing, and the whole congregation was so kind. After the ceremony they had an unbelievable cook out! Chicken, ribs, ham, beans and rice (two different kinds) baked beans, macaroni & cheese, macaroni salad, potato salad, deviled eggs...shall I go on?

After this church event we were supposed to go to an ice cream social that was for a friend, but we had to go home to change, and since it was getting so late, we decided to skip this one. We went down to the Butterfly Garden with all of our stuff, it took 3 cars to get everything down, and two handy men (my sons) to set it up! Thank goodness for my kids, we wouldn't be able to do much without them anymore. My granddaughter was given a set of butterfly wings from the master gardener, but she felt like she couldn't wear them, till she got home. O, to be 3 again! We were down there for over 3 hrs! I really think that everyone really enjoyed themselves!

We had a congressman, a senate candidate, a state senator, a state rep, mayors, common council men and women, and all kind of people running for all kinds of local government places. After that event, we went by the last event, a meet and greet your new common councilman, but I just couldn't get out of my car. I am sooo tired! And since we lost my glasses we just went home to search, after a long day politicing. Found my glasses, now need to find some sleep!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting close now

I have been working on an event for a month and it is starting to come to a close now. Our event is Sunday at 2:30pm and I have about 15 things that I have to do between now and then. But, and this is the problem, we have to go to a Political State Convention tomorrow, where we are some of the first people that started this group. Then afterwards we have an event with a few big shots, a Congressman, a Senator, the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General, just to name a few! Will get home around 4-5 pm and then Mike may have to take off to help a fellow computer software developer work out a major problem. As I have to print off the final lists of what we will be doing tomorrow and who will be doing what, I will probably be on this computer for several hours! Wonder what we would be doing if we weren't politically involved in so much stuff!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy

It's kinda nice not really having to be somewhere for two days in a row. But watching tv I realized that I've not said anything about Ted Kennedy. I've always known about the Kennedy's, you see my father lived on Cape Cod with them back in the '30's & 40's. Back then there were two different classes, you either were a Kennedy or you worked for them. Or so my dad would tell the story. He always talked about Joe Kennedy, the bright one, the one that their dad wanted to be president. My dad said that whenever he would walk down the street and see one of the Kennedy kids, they would walk across the street to avoid talking to my dad, but not Joe. He would always talk to Dad, made Dad feel like a person, not what the others did. When Joe was killed in WWII Dad said that the Kennedy's lost the best of the best. After John and Bobby died I never thought Ted would win, and I was right. But he kept himself involved in politics till the bitter end, I wonder if anyone else could say that now. Or maybe more of them could say that what even I think?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Justice of the Peace

I can be so stupid sometimes. I am a justice of the peace, thats right, I can marry people! I love being able to do this, and it's one job that I will reschedule everything to be able to do. Anyway, I have been told by several different JP's that they do not report it to the IRS? Any money they get is just money, that the IRS doesn't have to know about it. Now, I have to file a Schedule C for any amount I get, even if it is less than $600, but other JP's don't. Is this right? I think that EVERYONE should be told one way or the other, that's all. Maybe I'm wrong, but maybe the others are wrong too. I'm anxious to here from another JP that represents all of CT.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting on board

Well I wanted to post something that a friend of mine sent me, but this blog won't let me. HELP!

We had a really good meeting last night, again political. But at least we now have 4 events planned for 12 weeks! I have to get a flier put together with another female, but because we both will be using our computers to make the flier, we will e-mail each other with comments until we are done. One pizza party and three events at really good locations. I hope everything goes well, we really have a good group working together for the first time to better our community. I know that we have the potential to win in November, I just wish that everyone could get on board with us, but so be it. This fighting between party members because one doesn't like what someone else said about still someone else has to stop, before it's too late!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A quiet Sunday...think again!

Maybe I expect too much, after all, one day a week with nothing to do, is that asking too much? It was so nice Sunday, I got to go to the CT Psychic work shop at the American Legion and got to see a mess from last night. Apparently someone rented the hall and they had a birthday party there that got out of hand. They must have been throwing cake all over the place, because even after personnel got there yesterday and tried to clean up quickly for the next event, they could not do anything with the kitchen. When they opened the door it was as if there had been a bomb dropped inside the kitchen. Cake mess everywhere! I was talking with a gem smith who said that there had been a fight between two 16 yr old girls over a guy and the police responded with 8 cars! Man, talk about things happening in the small town tonight!

We had a really good time at a political event held last evening outside at a park, with a band. I think there were about 75 people there, lots of hot dogs for everyone. We even got a bottle opener from a candidate who is running for common council.

When I got home from my event, I spent the better part of 4 hrs on the phone again! Talking about the meeting tomorrow, Monday, and what all we needed. Then I talked to several people who each, in their own way, talked about how the democratic party in Norwalk is going to loose because they refuse to work together! And you know what, they are right! Our own DTC chair couldn't come to the event that we had for the man running for mayor yesterday, and neither could certain others who are upset with others because they say that WE aren't following the parties principles! The only thing is, we are following them, they aren't and it is being felt the would way up to the states capitol! What can we do to bring this party together? Any suggestions? And it is BOTH parties, just ask anyone who goes to the RTC meetings!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill today

Well not only do we have a hurricane named Bill churning up the coast, but we had an event at Ryan Park today. It really turned out to be a church revival, there was a fabulous choir, dance group, singers from New Haven, but also 2 tiny little girls singing as if they had been doing it their whole life's! (Which may have been, as they looked only 2 or 3.) And we got to hear a poet who blew us away with what she had to say in her poem. This girl will go far, mark my words!

As our event is next Sunday, I spent some time talking about what we will be doing collective and individually. There still is so much to do, but where there is a will there is a way.

Because of Hurricane Bill just off our coast (200 miles) we are seeing a lot of flooding already. And they say that the worst will happen sometime tonight. See what fun living by the bay or ocean can be.

Well, we are off to a musical event that is really a fundraiser for a friend. But, since he has a band preforming, I like to think of it as a musical event!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back on the phone again..

Still trying to finalize plans for the port-a-potties. Found out that the parks & rec department told my friend that she HAS to have 3 port-a-potties, one that has to be handicapped accessible. When this event is in the wind, there will be a debriefing (my words) and there will NEVER EVER be another event run by just one person! It is too much work for any one person, and the problem is that as it got closer to time, she reaches out and tells people what she needs, never once did she ask for help.

As I am the secretary of an event that we are having next weekend, I know how hard it can be. Even though I have done all the paperwork, like calling people about coming and e-mailing EVERYONE who is running for any office this year, to make sure everyone gets invited, there is so much more that we still have to do. So, again, I will be hosting a debriefing afterwards and we will get a committee started to handle all upcoming events.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yesterday's drama

I don't know what it is about politics, but there are days when you know you just shouldn't get up? Yesterday was one of those days. Not only did I have a doctor's appointment, a cause meeting in 90 degree heat, but then I come home and spent the next 8 hours e-mailing someone complaining about a situation that was caused by miscommunication! It used to be so easy, in the old days, when you needed someone to come and speak, you just called him or her and they just came out and spoke to your group. Now, you have to write to them 2 months in advance to maybe get a chance, and then, if you don't put the EXACT time that they will be speaking, they may tell you that they can't do it unless it is 15 minutes earlier or later! And this is because they are now political savvy and they have too much to do in too a short period of time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the phone for days at a time

I spent 5 1/2 hours on the phone Monday trying to get a schedule of events for the politicians that will be running in November. Phone calls where I left a message (most of them have yet to return my call) e-mails that I sent out, requesting information from the party leaders, talking to several people who were able to help me, I finally was able to get ready for our fundraising meeting with some semblance of order. Can you imagine, there is one Sunday where there will be 4 different events! And since my husband is running at large, he has to be at each event! That's why I was so upset finding this out, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing! And yet, they want to win the election!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now we have tropical storms to watch

Seems that we haven't had enough to do lately, because now we have several tropical storms to watch on the Weather Channel or if you would rather see it on line, it is at
Check it out. I'm worried about TS Bill, afraid it will be a big hurricane, we shall see.

Had a great time at the ball game last night. Got to see the Bridgeport Bluefish beat the Maryland Blue Crabs by a score of 9-5. It's a know fact that if I am at a ball game, we will get hit with at least one foul ball. Last time we went, I was hit by a foul ball off the 3rd baseline, right on my head! This time I'm on the 1st base side and we get hit with two foul balls! One went in the row right behind me, the other was caught by a kid who was sitting directly in the row in front of me and over one seat! Then, my son was up getting a soda when he found another foul ball that had been hit over the stadium. Since we now had a ball, there were no more episodes. And, since we got invited because Mike's a Common Councilman, we sat in the same area as the BoE IT person, another council person, the fire chief, of course the mayor and the SoNo Stars, a really fun group of people As Mike sat right next to one of the SoNo Stars they talked about baseball's ins and outs in a way that would of made anyone proud. One play, where the 3rd baseman was safe, Mike says if he were the ump he might have called him out, the SoNo guy says "No, he was safe." We stayed for the fireworks show that was put on at the end of the game. It was really nice, I'm glad we got to stay.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Warm today isn't it?

Other than dropping off a DVD at the post office for a guy running for Senate, I haven't had much to do. Well, I did make an event for facebook for the Butterfly Garden Dedication this month, and did send e-mails to political beings, again about the butterfly garden, I'm not doing much today. But tomorrow we get to go to a baseball game, so even thought it is kinda political (because of Mike being on Common Council the city had to invite him to the event) lets hope that we have a good time. Gonna take both of my sons & my granddaughter, Carlie who is just 3, so I expect that there will be lots of fun tomorrow!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not much happening today

Did you ever get the feeling that you are forgetting something? Well, thats how this day is going for me. I know I have forgotten something, just don't remember what it is. O well, it will come to me, and I know I'll be sorry I forgot something important.

We really had a good time last night. We went to training to be Disaster Reserve Volunteers. As we were told, when a disaster hits our area we may want to volunteer, but if the police or fire department hasn't trained us, we can't do anything. And you should know by now, that is something that I can never do. To be able to help others is what I do best, so why not get training so I can do what I love? And, with disasters always hanging around, such as H1N1 or hurricanes, it's better to get training sooner than later!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Disaster Emergency Preparedness

Today I found out that a politician that we are sort of following has changed his birthday party till next month. As we had some equipment that Mike had made for him, I had to call his campaign manager and find out where to mail him the DVD's. While on the phone with me, I also invited him to our Dedication of Butterfly Garden on August 30th.

As Mike is the Common Councilman who has the Health, Welfare, Public Safety and Emergency Management meetings, we feel that we have to go to the reserve volunteer safety training tonight, so that if we are faced with a disaster, we can help the community. But hey, emergency disaster is something that I am really good at. On Wednesday, March 28th, 1979 @4:00am the TMI (Three Mile Island) disaster started. I got the phone call @2:00pm asking me to get to work early, as I worked for York County Control (a county dispatch center that dispatched police officers all over York county). We went through nights with the Nation Guard sitting next to us , with maps in hand, deciding what we would do if the next stage happen. But, it never happen, or at least they never told us if it did.

And since I lived and worked in CA doing the same thing again, dispatching officers daily, dealing with earthquakes, having trouble in LA (with the Rodney King incident) etc. I know what has to be done. Having worked at a suicide hot line and also keeping the women safe at a domestic violence shelter, I feel that I can offer a lot and at the same time learn a lot tonight. But, if Mike were not in politics we may not of even heard of the event. So, I guess there are a few good things about being the wife of a politician.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phone calls all day long..

Well I have been on the phone for several hours, talking to the Governor's office, the Attorney General's office, the Secretary of State, etc. inviting them to an non-political event to be held in Ryan's Park on Sunday, August 30th. I am just going to send e-mails to the State's Reps, there is 4 of them, 4 less phone calls!

Then I have been on the phone with the Norwalk Inn, planning an event for the middle of December, kinda political, but since this will be the Christmas season, maybe we will not think politics one night? Think again!

I am still trying to find people to sponsor the port-a-potties (like the new spelling?) Talked to on merchant who has connections, and he will sponsor one, but still need the other one and a handicapped one. My search goes on!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finding sponsors for porta potties

Now I start the hunt for someone to sponsor the porta potties that a friend needs for an event August 22nd. And guess what, I may have found someone! Spent an hour out in the sun today, where the temperature is in the 90's, all in the name of politics! I have to make some more phone calls, maybe it will be a good day after all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday afternoon with nothing to do..

Well we thought that we would have nothing to do today, should do some much needed work on the computer. But instead Mike got a call from someone who needs 3 porta-potties! By August 22nd! So now, even though we already called several people to try to get sponsors, I will be calling several more people tomorrow to find out if they can help. Because Mike is a politician people ask for help and expect it. Not that they shouldn't, but we were asked to kick in $300 for the porta-potties and then make sure that one of them be handicapped too. And this event coincides with another event that we must attend, again because it is political, at the same time! At least it's only 1 1/2 miles away, but most Democrats have to be at both events!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why I decided to start this blog

It seems that everyone has a reason for getting involved in politics, my main reason is my husband, Michael K. Geake who holds an elected position for the city of Norwalk. As he is running, again, for Common Council at Large, this means that we get to go to every event in the city, since he has to get elected by the whole city, just like the mayor. So, this shall be an interesting blog. Hang on for some fun!