Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well I've gone a done it again

I guess I must LOVE keeping busy, I just volunteered to be the scheduler for a candidate who is running for a state reps position. She is a great woman, young, but now a day, most good people, including the president, are younger than me! Man, does that really make me feel old! Anyway, I really have a good feeling about my candidate! She is a teacher who teaches special ed, she has gone to law school, I’m not sure exactly where she stands on that now. She served on common council before, and almost won a second term, got beat by 6 votes. Anyway, plan on my being VERY busy.

Right now I’m on 3 ½ hrs sleep, and that’s a bad day. I just want to stay up till 10pm, so maybe I will get a good night sleep!

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