Monday, August 31, 2009

I've been thinking..

Today I started thinking about all the politicians I have seen in the last two days and I came up with a new stat: the US Congressman, US Senate Candidate, State Senator, State Rep's, Gubernatorial Candidates, local mayoral candidates, Republican and Democrat Common Council Candidates, it was the local candidates who never thanked me for inviting them. And, truth be told, it was some of the Democrats who never said thank you, not the Republicans. Everyone else, Congressman Himes, State Senator Bob Duff, Merrick Alpert, Mayor Don Malloy, they all took the time to thank me. Not that I wasn't doing my job as secretary of the event, but to find and come up and thank me individually made me proud of each and every one of them, thats all. People who know who put them in office and make sure to thank them get a higher mark, in my book, then those who just expected to be there. Maybe if more people thanked each other and asked what can they do to help each other, we would all be in a better place.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long day almost over

Well, it's bedtime, so this LONG day is almost over. We went to a church activity this morning, a lot of great singing, and the whole congregation was so kind. After the ceremony they had an unbelievable cook out! Chicken, ribs, ham, beans and rice (two different kinds) baked beans, macaroni & cheese, macaroni salad, potato salad, deviled eggs...shall I go on?

After this church event we were supposed to go to an ice cream social that was for a friend, but we had to go home to change, and since it was getting so late, we decided to skip this one. We went down to the Butterfly Garden with all of our stuff, it took 3 cars to get everything down, and two handy men (my sons) to set it up! Thank goodness for my kids, we wouldn't be able to do much without them anymore. My granddaughter was given a set of butterfly wings from the master gardener, but she felt like she couldn't wear them, till she got home. O, to be 3 again! We were down there for over 3 hrs! I really think that everyone really enjoyed themselves!

We had a congressman, a senate candidate, a state senator, a state rep, mayors, common council men and women, and all kind of people running for all kinds of local government places. After that event, we went by the last event, a meet and greet your new common councilman, but I just couldn't get out of my car. I am sooo tired! And since we lost my glasses we just went home to search, after a long day politicing. Found my glasses, now need to find some sleep!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting close now

I have been working on an event for a month and it is starting to come to a close now. Our event is Sunday at 2:30pm and I have about 15 things that I have to do between now and then. But, and this is the problem, we have to go to a Political State Convention tomorrow, where we are some of the first people that started this group. Then afterwards we have an event with a few big shots, a Congressman, a Senator, the Secretary of State, and the Attorney General, just to name a few! Will get home around 4-5 pm and then Mike may have to take off to help a fellow computer software developer work out a major problem. As I have to print off the final lists of what we will be doing tomorrow and who will be doing what, I will probably be on this computer for several hours! Wonder what we would be doing if we weren't politically involved in so much stuff!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy

It's kinda nice not really having to be somewhere for two days in a row. But watching tv I realized that I've not said anything about Ted Kennedy. I've always known about the Kennedy's, you see my father lived on Cape Cod with them back in the '30's & 40's. Back then there were two different classes, you either were a Kennedy or you worked for them. Or so my dad would tell the story. He always talked about Joe Kennedy, the bright one, the one that their dad wanted to be president. My dad said that whenever he would walk down the street and see one of the Kennedy kids, they would walk across the street to avoid talking to my dad, but not Joe. He would always talk to Dad, made Dad feel like a person, not what the others did. When Joe was killed in WWII Dad said that the Kennedy's lost the best of the best. After John and Bobby died I never thought Ted would win, and I was right. But he kept himself involved in politics till the bitter end, I wonder if anyone else could say that now. Or maybe more of them could say that what even I think?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Justice of the Peace

I can be so stupid sometimes. I am a justice of the peace, thats right, I can marry people! I love being able to do this, and it's one job that I will reschedule everything to be able to do. Anyway, I have been told by several different JP's that they do not report it to the IRS? Any money they get is just money, that the IRS doesn't have to know about it. Now, I have to file a Schedule C for any amount I get, even if it is less than $600, but other JP's don't. Is this right? I think that EVERYONE should be told one way or the other, that's all. Maybe I'm wrong, but maybe the others are wrong too. I'm anxious to here from another JP that represents all of CT.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting on board

Well I wanted to post something that a friend of mine sent me, but this blog won't let me. HELP!

We had a really good meeting last night, again political. But at least we now have 4 events planned for 12 weeks! I have to get a flier put together with another female, but because we both will be using our computers to make the flier, we will e-mail each other with comments until we are done. One pizza party and three events at really good locations. I hope everything goes well, we really have a good group working together for the first time to better our community. I know that we have the potential to win in November, I just wish that everyone could get on board with us, but so be it. This fighting between party members because one doesn't like what someone else said about still someone else has to stop, before it's too late!

Monday, August 24, 2009

A quiet Sunday...think again!

Maybe I expect too much, after all, one day a week with nothing to do, is that asking too much? It was so nice Sunday, I got to go to the CT Psychic work shop at the American Legion and got to see a mess from last night. Apparently someone rented the hall and they had a birthday party there that got out of hand. They must have been throwing cake all over the place, because even after personnel got there yesterday and tried to clean up quickly for the next event, they could not do anything with the kitchen. When they opened the door it was as if there had been a bomb dropped inside the kitchen. Cake mess everywhere! I was talking with a gem smith who said that there had been a fight between two 16 yr old girls over a guy and the police responded with 8 cars! Man, talk about things happening in the small town tonight!

We had a really good time at a political event held last evening outside at a park, with a band. I think there were about 75 people there, lots of hot dogs for everyone. We even got a bottle opener from a candidate who is running for common council.

When I got home from my event, I spent the better part of 4 hrs on the phone again! Talking about the meeting tomorrow, Monday, and what all we needed. Then I talked to several people who each, in their own way, talked about how the democratic party in Norwalk is going to loose because they refuse to work together! And you know what, they are right! Our own DTC chair couldn't come to the event that we had for the man running for mayor yesterday, and neither could certain others who are upset with others because they say that WE aren't following the parties principles! The only thing is, we are following them, they aren't and it is being felt the would way up to the states capitol! What can we do to bring this party together? Any suggestions? And it is BOTH parties, just ask anyone who goes to the RTC meetings!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill today

Well not only do we have a hurricane named Bill churning up the coast, but we had an event at Ryan Park today. It really turned out to be a church revival, there was a fabulous choir, dance group, singers from New Haven, but also 2 tiny little girls singing as if they had been doing it their whole life's! (Which may have been, as they looked only 2 or 3.) And we got to hear a poet who blew us away with what she had to say in her poem. This girl will go far, mark my words!

As our event is next Sunday, I spent some time talking about what we will be doing collective and individually. There still is so much to do, but where there is a will there is a way.

Because of Hurricane Bill just off our coast (200 miles) we are seeing a lot of flooding already. And they say that the worst will happen sometime tonight. See what fun living by the bay or ocean can be.

Well, we are off to a musical event that is really a fundraiser for a friend. But, since he has a band preforming, I like to think of it as a musical event!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Back on the phone again..

Still trying to finalize plans for the port-a-potties. Found out that the parks & rec department told my friend that she HAS to have 3 port-a-potties, one that has to be handicapped accessible. When this event is in the wind, there will be a debriefing (my words) and there will NEVER EVER be another event run by just one person! It is too much work for any one person, and the problem is that as it got closer to time, she reaches out and tells people what she needs, never once did she ask for help.

As I am the secretary of an event that we are having next weekend, I know how hard it can be. Even though I have done all the paperwork, like calling people about coming and e-mailing EVERYONE who is running for any office this year, to make sure everyone gets invited, there is so much more that we still have to do. So, again, I will be hosting a debriefing afterwards and we will get a committee started to handle all upcoming events.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yesterday's drama

I don't know what it is about politics, but there are days when you know you just shouldn't get up? Yesterday was one of those days. Not only did I have a doctor's appointment, a cause meeting in 90 degree heat, but then I come home and spent the next 8 hours e-mailing someone complaining about a situation that was caused by miscommunication! It used to be so easy, in the old days, when you needed someone to come and speak, you just called him or her and they just came out and spoke to your group. Now, you have to write to them 2 months in advance to maybe get a chance, and then, if you don't put the EXACT time that they will be speaking, they may tell you that they can't do it unless it is 15 minutes earlier or later! And this is because they are now political savvy and they have too much to do in too a short period of time.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On the phone for days at a time

I spent 5 1/2 hours on the phone Monday trying to get a schedule of events for the politicians that will be running in November. Phone calls where I left a message (most of them have yet to return my call) e-mails that I sent out, requesting information from the party leaders, talking to several people who were able to help me, I finally was able to get ready for our fundraising meeting with some semblance of order. Can you imagine, there is one Sunday where there will be 4 different events! And since my husband is running at large, he has to be at each event! That's why I was so upset finding this out, the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing! And yet, they want to win the election!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now we have tropical storms to watch

Seems that we haven't had enough to do lately, because now we have several tropical storms to watch on the Weather Channel or if you would rather see it on line, it is at
Check it out. I'm worried about TS Bill, afraid it will be a big hurricane, we shall see.

Had a great time at the ball game last night. Got to see the Bridgeport Bluefish beat the Maryland Blue Crabs by a score of 9-5. It's a know fact that if I am at a ball game, we will get hit with at least one foul ball. Last time we went, I was hit by a foul ball off the 3rd baseline, right on my head! This time I'm on the 1st base side and we get hit with two foul balls! One went in the row right behind me, the other was caught by a kid who was sitting directly in the row in front of me and over one seat! Then, my son was up getting a soda when he found another foul ball that had been hit over the stadium. Since we now had a ball, there were no more episodes. And, since we got invited because Mike's a Common Councilman, we sat in the same area as the BoE IT person, another council person, the fire chief, of course the mayor and the SoNo Stars, a really fun group of people As Mike sat right next to one of the SoNo Stars they talked about baseball's ins and outs in a way that would of made anyone proud. One play, where the 3rd baseman was safe, Mike says if he were the ump he might have called him out, the SoNo guy says "No, he was safe." We stayed for the fireworks show that was put on at the end of the game. It was really nice, I'm glad we got to stay.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Warm today isn't it?

Other than dropping off a DVD at the post office for a guy running for Senate, I haven't had much to do. Well, I did make an event for facebook for the Butterfly Garden Dedication this month, and did send e-mails to political beings, again about the butterfly garden, I'm not doing much today. But tomorrow we get to go to a baseball game, so even thought it is kinda political (because of Mike being on Common Council the city had to invite him to the event) lets hope that we have a good time. Gonna take both of my sons & my granddaughter, Carlie who is just 3, so I expect that there will be lots of fun tomorrow!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not much happening today

Did you ever get the feeling that you are forgetting something? Well, thats how this day is going for me. I know I have forgotten something, just don't remember what it is. O well, it will come to me, and I know I'll be sorry I forgot something important.

We really had a good time last night. We went to training to be Disaster Reserve Volunteers. As we were told, when a disaster hits our area we may want to volunteer, but if the police or fire department hasn't trained us, we can't do anything. And you should know by now, that is something that I can never do. To be able to help others is what I do best, so why not get training so I can do what I love? And, with disasters always hanging around, such as H1N1 or hurricanes, it's better to get training sooner than later!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Disaster Emergency Preparedness

Today I found out that a politician that we are sort of following has changed his birthday party till next month. As we had some equipment that Mike had made for him, I had to call his campaign manager and find out where to mail him the DVD's. While on the phone with me, I also invited him to our Dedication of Butterfly Garden on August 30th.

As Mike is the Common Councilman who has the Health, Welfare, Public Safety and Emergency Management meetings, we feel that we have to go to the reserve volunteer safety training tonight, so that if we are faced with a disaster, we can help the community. But hey, emergency disaster is something that I am really good at. On Wednesday, March 28th, 1979 @4:00am the TMI (Three Mile Island) disaster started. I got the phone call @2:00pm asking me to get to work early, as I worked for York County Control (a county dispatch center that dispatched police officers all over York county). We went through nights with the Nation Guard sitting next to us , with maps in hand, deciding what we would do if the next stage happen. But, it never happen, or at least they never told us if it did.

And since I lived and worked in CA doing the same thing again, dispatching officers daily, dealing with earthquakes, having trouble in LA (with the Rodney King incident) etc. I know what has to be done. Having worked at a suicide hot line and also keeping the women safe at a domestic violence shelter, I feel that I can offer a lot and at the same time learn a lot tonight. But, if Mike were not in politics we may not of even heard of the event. So, I guess there are a few good things about being the wife of a politician.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Phone calls all day long..

Well I have been on the phone for several hours, talking to the Governor's office, the Attorney General's office, the Secretary of State, etc. inviting them to an non-political event to be held in Ryan's Park on Sunday, August 30th. I am just going to send e-mails to the State's Reps, there is 4 of them, 4 less phone calls!

Then I have been on the phone with the Norwalk Inn, planning an event for the middle of December, kinda political, but since this will be the Christmas season, maybe we will not think politics one night? Think again!

I am still trying to find people to sponsor the port-a-potties (like the new spelling?) Talked to on merchant who has connections, and he will sponsor one, but still need the other one and a handicapped one. My search goes on!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Finding sponsors for porta potties

Now I start the hunt for someone to sponsor the porta potties that a friend needs for an event August 22nd. And guess what, I may have found someone! Spent an hour out in the sun today, where the temperature is in the 90's, all in the name of politics! I have to make some more phone calls, maybe it will be a good day after all.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Sunday afternoon with nothing to do..

Well we thought that we would have nothing to do today, should do some much needed work on the computer. But instead Mike got a call from someone who needs 3 porta-potties! By August 22nd! So now, even though we already called several people to try to get sponsors, I will be calling several more people tomorrow to find out if they can help. Because Mike is a politician people ask for help and expect it. Not that they shouldn't, but we were asked to kick in $300 for the porta-potties and then make sure that one of them be handicapped too. And this event coincides with another event that we must attend, again because it is political, at the same time! At least it's only 1 1/2 miles away, but most Democrats have to be at both events!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why I decided to start this blog

It seems that everyone has a reason for getting involved in politics, my main reason is my husband, Michael K. Geake who holds an elected position for the city of Norwalk. As he is running, again, for Common Council at Large, this means that we get to go to every event in the city, since he has to get elected by the whole city, just like the mayor. So, this shall be an interesting blog. Hang on for some fun!