Monday, April 19, 2010

A new candidate

We have decided to support a new candidate for Connecticut’s House of Representatives. Since she is not in our voting district, we don’t have to worry about ANYTHING! No one can get mad at us for supporting her, we can’t vote for her! No one getting mad because we aren’t volunteering to make phone calls for their candidate, they can’t get mad because we are too busy to attend their event, nope, no one can get mad at us! And at the same time they will have to make excuses for us! Hip hip hooray!

I’m going to be her scheduler, and so everything has to be run by me, so that I can make sure that our candidate has the time to devote to each event. So, she and we shall be VERY busy as time goes by. Stay tuned to more info.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Have you heard the latest about Iceland? There is SO much ash from the volcano that it has spread from Iceland’s air waves to now be over the air waves in England, Scotland, France, Finland, Sweden, should I go on? They say that it’s as bad as the ashes that they had from 9/11, something that as an American I never thought about. Poor people breathing the dust from the volcano, does it smell bad? I thought pure fire has no smell, right? I wonder if something more is up, since some people don’t believe in global warming, I wonder what will be next!

Well I've gone a done it again

I guess I must LOVE keeping busy, I just volunteered to be the scheduler for a candidate who is running for a state reps position. She is a great woman, young, but now a day, most good people, including the president, are younger than me! Man, does that really make me feel old! Anyway, I really have a good feeling about my candidate! She is a teacher who teaches special ed, she has gone to law school, I’m not sure exactly where she stands on that now. She served on common council before, and almost won a second term, got beat by 6 votes. Anyway, plan on my being VERY busy.

Right now I’m on 3 ½ hrs sleep, and that’s a bad day. I just want to stay up till 10pm, so maybe I will get a good night sleep!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Earthquakes again??

I'm really starting to get worried, is anyone else? First there is a major earthquake in Haiti, then one in Chile, and then we have a lot of them in Indonesia and even one in Mexico close to the states. It’s as if the world is taking turns shaking up the citizens who live on its planet. The Pacific Ring of Fire is right on tract, and seems to be working overtime, and frankly I’m worried. What is up? Even Iceland has a volcano that seems to be growing at an alarming speed, next thing you know we will have lost an island to something like that. I know that whatever is meant to be will happen, but does that mean that I should not worry?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where are you from?

I’m lucky, my brother has done an extensive research on our genetics, and we have found out that on my mother’s side, we are descendents of a king of France and a queen of England! Cool isn’t it? Since my brother had to use the Mormon registry for most of the work that was done Not that I don’t believe my own brother, but since this is SO important, he wanted to make sure it was done right. On my father’s side we go right away back into Finland and pretty much stay there, shucks!

Where are you from, have any idea? Watching the tv program, one tends to start dreaming about their past.

Census 2010 again?

Yesterday, April 1st, we got something from the Census Bureau, so since we were leaving for a long weekend in VT, I put it in my purse and we took off. About a half an hour later, I opened it up and found it was the same form we had already completed and returned 2 weeks ago! (Refer blog 3/17/10) Was I ever mad! I dialed the 1-866 number and after 10 minutes of answering a computer’s questions, I got a REAL girl! I explained about us getting a duplicate census form, she started by asking us if we had returned the original form. When she learned that we had returned it the same days as it was received, she told us to disregard it in the easiest way possible. I then told her that we were tax payers, and I was concerned about the cost of sending me a 2nd form, if they sent it to me, than they had to have sent it to others as well, right? And when she wouldn’t answer me, I got a bit angry, not at her, but at the census bureau in general. So, I got off the phone and called Washington, DC and asked to speak to my congressman! I knew he really wasn’t there; congressmen and senators are in recess for two weeks, but I want to let them know how I felt about the census bureau. And it turned out that my congressman was on the other phone, I told them all about it, and left my number with them, even though I knew I won’t be getting a call back. But it still bothers me, after all, the postage, the time, both theirs and ours, make the government look INEPT! The next thing they will do is send a census person around and stop to ask us questions, and I will become unglued! And the bad part is that I worked the census in 2000 and got probably 20 people jobs with the census bureau this time! With today’s technology, why can’t we file the census on line? I think I’m going to talk to my Congressman again! O no!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Has it stopped raining yet?

We have had the worst rainfall in maybe recorded history. Every single city in CT is sweating major flooding. My house, which is on a hill, has had so much rain that the water table has started to flood our basement, because we had a crack in the floor. My son, who lives in the basement, is sick and was at the ER getting some medical attention. After 4 hrs, we (him & me) finally got home when he finds out all his belongings are drenched! He is on heavy antibiotics and pain killers, can’t stand up because he has been sick for over a week, he is the one that has to wet vac the basement! At 11pm all he wanted to do was sleep, but we got the basement kinda dry, but because it is the water table itself that is flooded, then EVERYONE can get water in Norwalk.

At least we don’t have it as bad as Eastern Connecticut, they have evacuation going on. As this is being written, most of Rhode Island has been declared a national disaster. Please say a prayer for those people tonight.