Thursday, April 15, 2010


Have you heard the latest about Iceland? There is SO much ash from the volcano that it has spread from Iceland’s air waves to now be over the air waves in England, Scotland, France, Finland, Sweden, should I go on? They say that it’s as bad as the ashes that they had from 9/11, something that as an American I never thought about. Poor people breathing the dust from the volcano, does it smell bad? I thought pure fire has no smell, right? I wonder if something more is up, since some people don’t believe in global warming, I wonder what will be next!

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  1. There are many repercussions from this - yet to be realised;.. Health and weather being but two of them....

    Is it any wonder then that because of the billowing plumes of ash coming from the Eyjafjallajokull glacier near Reykjavík, Iceland, hundreds of thousands of passengers now find themselves ‘fortunately’ grounded?