Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Has it stopped raining yet?

We have had the worst rainfall in maybe recorded history. Every single city in CT is sweating major flooding. My house, which is on a hill, has had so much rain that the water table has started to flood our basement, because we had a crack in the floor. My son, who lives in the basement, is sick and was at the ER getting some medical attention. After 4 hrs, we (him & me) finally got home when he finds out all his belongings are drenched! He is on heavy antibiotics and pain killers, can’t stand up because he has been sick for over a week, he is the one that has to wet vac the basement! At 11pm all he wanted to do was sleep, but we got the basement kinda dry, but because it is the water table itself that is flooded, then EVERYONE can get water in Norwalk.

At least we don’t have it as bad as Eastern Connecticut, they have evacuation going on. As this is being written, most of Rhode Island has been declared a national disaster. Please say a prayer for those people tonight.

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