Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Census 2010

Well we got to do the short form today. 10 minutes and my husband was done. In 2000 I worked for the census bureau and I got to go and talk to the nice people in Salisbury, Maryland. It was really neat, not one family was mean or rude to me. I did see a house that was probably a drug lab, so I got to give it a pass, but everything I did was with the approval of the census bureau. Right now they are still giving tests, because they NEED people, but since they are offering over $22 an hour, how can anyone say no to this? And, I have been told from people in Washington, that even Section 8 people can do the census! What I hate, more than anything, is that some people are afraid of working and actually making money and getting out of Section 8!

I wonder if the President was done his 2010 Census yet. Bet not.

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