Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something new to play with

My loving husband bought me a brand new Bluetooth FM modulator to be used in the car. My son put it in yesterday. It is SO neat! When my cell phone rings while I’m driving all I have to do is change the radio cannel (FM of course) hit the green mark that looks like a phone on the device, and I can listen to whomever it is that called me! And they can hear me fine! No not answering the phone, no answering the phone and being afraid that I may have to pull over to talk, not having to worry about other drivers talking, nothing like that! And as I drive around, it always bothered me that other drivers who have a cell phone have it in their hands talking away! I always get so nervous, and since the stats are on my side, why not spend $50 for a device. My husband got one for me, why can’t everyone who doesn’t have a hands free device get one?

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