Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is this the final Health Care Reform?

It's the night before the vote in the House, for or against the President’s bill on Health Care. There seems to be a lot wrong with this bill, some things right, but where do you make a decision? There are those who are against abortion, and the bill promotes paying for abortions. I have always been Pro-Choice, I don’t know whether or not I could have made a choice if I would have gotten pregnant while dating, but I believe that it is a WOMAN’S choice, not a man’s .

It has to be rough, deciding something for the ENTIRE country based on your feelings. I thought that ANYONE elected into office had to vote the way ALL of the people wanted them to vote, did something happen? Maybe they have forgotten that, and we, the voters will have to remember that come November.

It shall be interesting to watch tonight, guess I’d better turn on the tv.

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