Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It was a rough weekend

The rain started Friday with some wind. But by Saturday the wind around here was 60 - 70 mph! I was watching my neighbor's house, as it was raining so hard I could almost not see his place, when suddenly his lights started to go off and on and then they went out! As my lights where on, I was a bit worried but then we realized that his trees had come down and were in his electricty lines! I sent the guys over to make sure he was ok, but his house was spared. The electrict company came out in the wind, to make sure the lines weren't sparking, with the promise to get electricity turned back on. We went to bed and the electricity went off all around. My son said he saw where a lady the next block over had a tree into her car. But, the power came back within 2 hrs. But all things considered, we were lucky! My neighbor has lost two stately pine trees, they are down all around his house, but his house was spared.

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