Monday, February 15, 2010

Guardian Angels

When my husband was a common councilman back several years ago, he got word that, because of violence in Norwalk, people wanted to get the Guardian Angels involved. As he had heard of them, but really had no factual information, he called the Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa to get some info. We were in CA visiting my grandchildren when he called my husband back, and they talked for about an hour as we were driving up I-5 (if you live in CA you would know that this road goes from Mexico to Canada).

Mike wanted some info and after awhile invited Sliwa to come talk at his Health, Welfare, Public Safety and Emergency Management Committee Meeting has he felt that if people were talking about the Guardian Angels and wanting them, then he a chairman of the committee, should get them together so that the people can talk to them and find out what they are all about.

My husband tried to get a hold of the mayor, but it was after 5pm EST so he figured he would call him from the airport tomorrow. We never got a hold of the mayor till Monday morning when my husband was at work. At that time the mayor was kinda in a good mood, he seemed a bit excited. He hung up and he called the chef of police, then the shit hit the fan. He called back yelling at Mike, telling him that they didn't need the
Guardian Angels and that he, the mayor, would make my husband's life miserable if Guardian Angels and founder Curtis Sliwa came into HIS city.

The mayor and chief of police did make Mike's and the Guardian Angels' life bad, but they are used to that, so they just kept patrolling and trying to recruit people who wanted to be Guardian Angels. Because Mike did not want to bring politics into the picture, he stepped out, so that they (the bad guys) couldn't say it was for one political party or another.
(Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa is VERY different, listen to him sometime, he has a radio program in NYC).

After some time I learned that they were back in Norwalk today, and I hope that they can stay. The police know what they will and won't do, and even though the chief of police is against them, 95% of cops are glad they're here too. Police can only patrol so many streets, so many business, so many areas in a given day without writing reports, heaven knows how they do all that they do with there only being 8 hrs a day. If they can get another set of eyes and ears out there, what can it hurt? Nothing! Sure wish the chief could see it that way. Make life much easier, that's for sure!

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