Friday, February 5, 2010

Psychic or ???

Last night I had a phone reading by a world renowned psychic and it was almost a mean reading. He said that I was very angry, had been like that for almost 10 years. That I had a feeling of hopelessness around me. Said that my sister or my daughter or a someone coming back into my life who was like a sister to me. That the last 3 yrs or 36 months have made me worst. It was funny as ahead of time I was supposed to give him my birthday and special 3 numbers, and then he never even wanted them. He did say that he didn't see me dying any time soon (Good) but other than that I went away thinking that if he were so good, why did he get me so wrong? He did think that I must be old, after I told him that I had a stroke in '91, he started talking about my listening to the diet that the doctor had put me on (wrong) and about diabetics and taking the medicine and eating only what the doctor told me to eat (wrong again). Since my doctors won't put me on a diet, that can't be right. And, diabetics is not in our family (well my brother has it, but he is the only one in my family history) I am now wondering what the psychic business is all about. Any ideas?

Update: My brother called and told me that he did not have diabetes, so even that was wrong!

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