Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have a question..

I have a question, do you want to get your electric at a cheaper rate? Seems that some guy from Ontario, CA thought he would be able to help me, here in Norwalk, CT. It didn't matter that we don't need electricity at a cheaper rate, as we, the 2nd Taxing District, have a municipal electric company which sells it's electricity at the cheapest rate in the state, no he just kept talking. It's like the people trying to sell to us never listen, they just keep reading!

Then this evening the phone rang and I went to answer it and the caller ID said 'It is a fraud'! I was so surprised, realized that even the phone company knows that it will be a person trying to sell me something that is a fraud. If they know this, why can't they block the calls or something like that?

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