Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It was kinda kewl today

We must be kind of important people, I mean, we got 2 important phone calls today. Just Dan Malloy the past mayor of a major city, who is running for governor and then George Jepsen, an attorney, who is running for Attorney General! Both of them wanted to talk to me and Mike. Mike talked for about 10 minutes with each of them, and they asked for our support. It was a bit strange, two phone calls within a half hour of each other? Mike thinks that the candidates just go the official list of each cities Democratic Town Committee Members! And here I thought they just missed us! LOL But, this election will be REALLY interesting, Ned Lamont wants to be governor, we have good guys who want to be Senators, it shall be different. Let's hope it's a clean election, already there are rumors that it is getting NASTY!


  1. Hey Mary! I just found your site through a google alert, it's nice to see you writing.

    I'm curious, who's on the DTC from District B these days?

  2. my husband, Mike, Mimi & Bobby Burgess, Joe Newell, Al Amyes, Travis Simms (common councilman) & Carvin Hilliard (common councilman)