Thursday, September 3, 2009

Once in a while

Sometimes it's nice being just a wife. I have been busy on the computer putting together fliers for our 4 events. But, that's not the best part, we now have the fliers in Spanish and English! And I got to read, in Spanish, the events! I even had to consolidate them a little bit. You have to understand, languages where never a big thing in my life, but after living in CA for almost 10 years and talking (kind of) almost daily with Spanish speaking people, I was learning how to ask important questions over the phone, but never had to read it. So for the first time, I had to read Spanish and make sure I liked it! Luckily I did it!

Then I made four events on facebook, so I was up till after midnight last night getting them done. And again, because they are political, I have to make sure that they do not offend anyone, but because they are for one party or another, they will probably offend someone. I wish people could remember that, most of the other party seems fine with what I do, but there are a few that tell your friends that they should not associate themselves with us, because after all, we are on the other side of THEIR fense.

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  1. Their fence? As partisan as you are, thats a surprising thing to read.