Monday, September 21, 2009

Taxi Cabs Problems

Well, we were down with the taxi cabs at 7:45 am at the South Norwalk Train Station on the south bound side of the train tracks. Seems that the city (our mayor) won't let ANY taxis on the north bound side, so if ANYONE calls a taxi cab and asks to have him pick them up on the north bound side, they are told that they can only catch a taxi on the south bound side. Please explain the mentally of the man (our mayor) to do that? We thought that, as the mayor has said, that the north bound side is ONLY for buses, and that ALL buses would be on the north side. However, as we learned today, buses park where no taxi's are allowed, to the front of the station and they DON'T GET TICKETS! But the taxi's GET TICKETS ALL THE TIME! A taxi cab driver parked where he is told he must park and went into the train station to use the restroom. When he got back he had 3 $50 TICKETS!

We went down there because the taxi cab drivers were going to going to hold a demonstration at 9:00am. And they did! They stopped picking up people and drove around the train station in protest, while Steve, the Democratic mayoral hopeful, held a press conference about the cab drivers and other issues that are happening at the South Norwalk Train Station! Let's hope that something good happens, because the taxi cab drivers are really good people in bad situations.

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  1. Can you say micro-managing? What is a mayor - or any government official - doing micro-managing the details of a city, state, county, or country?