Monday, September 14, 2009

Talking with a doctor

I had a doctors appointment today with one of the many doctors that I see every month or every other month. One nice thing about this doctor is that we get to talk politics. Like most doctors that I see, he is one of the BEST in our state, in fact when I tell people about him, they smile and say that they have traveled 4 hrs to see him! Anyway as I was telling him about me we got to talking about Congressman Jim Himes. And he, being a physician and a Republican, was talking about the new health plan that Jim was talking about, at several different forums during the last couple weeks. As we never got to hear him speak, I wanted to know what the doctor thought about him talking. He said that he was invited to a private forum just for doctors to listen to want he had to say. My doctor didn't get to go, as he wanted to listen, did not want to support him, but as one of about 100 CEOs doctors who were invited, he wasn't sure how he came across. But, he did make a wise comment: Congressman Jim Himes only represents the 4th District of CT, so when he gets back and tries to convince people that he talked to his constituents, they may not take his word as gold, after all he has only been in office since January. But again, it's like expecting him to be the boiler room man of the Titanic, it's not his fault!

I like that, he's just the boiler room man, not the one who drove the Titanic to disaster!

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