Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peaceful Sunday

The weather is beautiful today, after a rainy Friday and a misty Saturday. We got to go to the Rowayton History Day and Mike got to put on his political shirt (one of about 20 that he has) and debate with some people about health care. Problem was, they all agreed! Got some great pictures of the American flag flying over some boats in the cove. It was really nice, but I forgot to bring any money! Everybody wanted money! See, if you don't have any money they want nothing to do with you! LOL not really, but as I was hot and thirsty, we didn't stay too long. Hope Mike got a few more people to vote for him, they talked a good talk!


  1. It really isn't surprising that everyone agreed. In most of New England you have "one party rule". Did you know that there isn't a single Republican in Congress from all of New England? Diversity is only a word in New England, it isn't a reality.

  2. Well our city is run by a Republican mayor, our governor is Republican, 7 out of 15 common councilmen are Republican, I think you are only talking about the federal issues, not the local issued, such as what we were talking about!

  3. Then there is more hope than I thought. Single party rule is dangerous historically-speaking.