Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trying to find out why?

I have been asked to go in front of the appeals board of the housing department on behalf of a woman who got lost in the cracks of the system. She is a good person, never been involved in the sale of drugs, has never been arrested, has small children, and is a good single mother. I hope that I can help her.

I have gone to bat once before for another family tried to correct a mistake they had made and they almost lost their home. It took a lot of people, including me, to appeal to the housing department and again, plead their case, that they are good citizens, never do drugs, have children going to college on scholarships, are members of the community that other look up to them. That they are sorry and have paid back all the money that they owed. (They won)!

Each case is different, and I always worry that I will say the wrong thing at the wrong time. At least I only go every 6 months or so, so hopefully the housing department always believes me. As usual my advisor is a lawyer, who writes up each case and has it all laid out for me to understand. At least I never have to worry about politics there, politics never enter this.


  1. What does the housing department do? Do they evict people? Its wonderful that you are able to help, but why is help needed?

  2. They provide low income housing. So, in reality, they may have to evict someone who doesn't live up to the terms of their lease. They usually will catch someone doing something wrong, but not reporting income is a killer, they usually don't let a person stay if they don't report that. And I get involved when good people get lost in the cracks, they have done everything that they were suppose to do, maybe not in the week that they want, but they always have the letters or money paid before they get to me.