Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Waiting for paperwork

Spent all day long waiting for the fliers for our different events to show up. Wanted to get them out to the different people who will be placing them around the city, but they never showed up till 6:30pm! So, after counting them in groups of 50, I will be distributing them tomorrow!

We went to another meeting, but this time it was just a listen and maybe learn a little bit. Turns out that everything is already covered by one of four different departments, that in reality there was no need for the meeting. But, certain people like to remind others that THEY are in charge of items that they have really no control of, they just like to hear themselves talk. Problem is, more and more people are starting to dislike certain other people and cause our party to get a bad mark because they are going about it all wrong. Why won't people listen and treat others with respect regardless of what political party they are?

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