Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Friends for Ever

When I was a teenager I had some close friends, the type that I could tell anything and they would DIE before they told ANYONE else! Then I got married, but I still kept my friends, they were the people that I could call (locally only) and talk for hours. They were there when I had each of my children, there when my ex-husband cheated on me, there when I went back to him, there for just about ANYTHING. But somehow, maybe because of moving 3000 miles away, I lost contact with each and every one of them. I got new friends, but they just weren't THERE, I suffered a lot alone, medically, physically and emotionally, but the bond had been broken because of the distances separating us.

When I moved back to the eastern coast I tried to pick up where we left off, but time had changed everyone, and with family now, somehow my friends weren't all that important anymore. But now sometimes I miss being able to just sit down and call and talk to a friend who falls into the same category as my friends of old, my BFFE who would never tell ANYONE ANYTHING.

I wonder if Congressmen or Senators have a BFFE that they can talk to today? It seems that no one does anymore, that EVERYONE has to be afraid of telling someone something that may turn around someday and stab them in the back. I wonder if this has always been the case, or is this something new?

I miss my BFFE, how 'bout you?

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