Friday, December 4, 2009

Mike Huckabee

Watching 'The View' the other day, Mike Huckabee talked about what his role as Governor of Arkansas had been in regards to Maurice Clemmons, the man who killed 4 police officers in Washington State before he himself died at the hands of a police officer a few days later. Listening to him and not knowing much about Clemmons, I was drawn to Huckabee with what he says he went through before he decided to commuted the 108 year sentence for burglary and robbery. He displayed honesty and integrity for his conduct and explanation of his decision to award clemency. As a leader you are charged with making decisions that as some point might cause an adverse effect on others. A good leader owns up to all the decisions that he or she makes and does not provide excuses for the reasons they give when making a decision. He layed out his reasons for making the decision and we have to accept it. Will what he has done hurt or help his chances of running for president in 2012?

It was strange that a man, convicted of 2 felonies, both being non-violent, could get such a severe sentence. Was it because of his color, his sex, his socioeconomic background, what made it such a bad crime? Maybe if he hadn't spent so much time in prison he might have been able to changed what he turned into?

God protect each and every police officer each day when they go out on the road to 'Serve and Protect'. Amen

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