Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oil Man's problem is..

Yesterday we had to leave at 6 am for an appointment at 8 am, so when we left and the house felt cold, I though it was because of the time. After the appointment, which turned out to have a good outcome, we went shopping and didn't get home till almost noon. As we walk in we notice that the house was COLD! I looked on the thermometer and it was 58 degrees! We listened and the furnace wasn't running. I turned up the heat and the furnace never turned on! So, I called the oil man and he showed up in about an hour. He worked for two hours, put in a new filter, as somehow we never had a filter and when he left everything was fine, hot water again, as the furnace also heats the water.

We went to bed as usual but when I woke up at night I was a bit worried as it felt COLD AGAIN. But I went back to sleep and slept till 7:30 pm. As I went by the thermometer to check the temperature it was 58 degrees again! And it was now 8 am! I called the fuel company and they promised to send the repair man again in the am, but he never got here till noon time.
When he got here he said that it must be a ghost in the pipes as everything was ok! A GHOST!

He spent the next two hours trying to find out what was wrong and he finally replaced something on the furnace, but since it is a brand new furnace, only 6 years old, I'm kinda worried that it might just be a ghost! But why would a ghost bother MY furnace? Anyone have any idea what it could be?

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