Monday, December 7, 2009

Same Sex Marriages

I just can’t understand it, why is there such a big deal about same sex marriages? Do you feel that you have the right to sit there and say that there should NOT be a marriage between a man and woman, two women, or two men? Where does it say that ANYONE has that right? After all, why should a man and woman have all the fun? Why can’t males or females have just as much fun as say Tiger Woods?

If you stop and think, back in the ‘good old days’ it was illegal for interracial marriages, if a male and a woman lived together and were biracial they could be arrested! It’s only been since the 60’s that US citizens NOW approve of their marriages. Two of my five children are in biracial relationships now; if we hadn’t changed my children could be in JAIL? And what, we have to treat their children differently since they are the product of a crime? What about those who are gay or lesbians, even though it is not their fault, are we to arrest them? Put them in jail? What about the children that they have, are we to shun them? Wake up America! Give us a few more decades and we will FINALLY realize that we should just MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS when it comes to people marrying each other! I’m just glad that I’m a justice of the peace and get to marry ANYONE and EVERYONE that wants to get married. I just love my job!

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  1. Marriage has historically been a religious ceremony. It has only become a function of government in the last few centuries. For most of human history government had not role, nor interest in marriage. Many of us are still religious and resent it when another group tries to co-opt something we consider sacred. It isn't a matter of tolerance. We generally don't care what they do in the privacy of their homes. We are simply protecting an institution we hold as sacred.

    It is a red herring to equate homosexual marriage with bi-racial marriage. Homosexuality is a lifestyle, race is something one is with a basis in genetics. Apples and oranges Politician's Wife. Not even closely related. Bad, bad analogy.

    In answer to your question as to who has the right to define marriage, the answer is found in asking any question. Who has the right to decide how much taxes I pay? Who has the right to decide how I keep my yard? Who has the right to define the maximum amount of interest I pay on my credit card. The answer to one question is the answer to all. A society has always had the right to define its own laws, its own standards, its own means of government. Homosexual marriage is not different. You are perfectly content to allow ballot initiatives, referendums, courts, legislatures, and chief executives to make these decisions for everything else. Why are you trying to carve out special exceptions for homosexual marriage? Your inconsistency in this should be obvious. I suggest you ask why are you willing to change the rules for this one matter. The answer could be quite illuminating.