Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our water is better than your water!

We have a fabulous water treatment plant that provides water to ¼ of the city. The good news is that the water is so pure by the time that it comes out of the water plant it is the cleanest in the USA! That’s right; it is the best in the USA and maybe even the world! The water goes through fibers with microscopic openings, coming out so clear that its turbidity can not be measured! (That means the measurement of water is so clear that it can’t be measured)! We give tours of the plant to water professionals from around the United States and from around the world! If you would have been reading the magazine that deals with water plants you would have seen our plant when it was finalized in 2008! This means that people don’t have to buy bottled water anymore! Our water is more pure and tastes better too!

Something as simple as bottled water is something that we, who live in our part of the city, can do without in today’s economy! And we don’t have to suffer; in fact people from around the world are jealous of us! For a change!


  1. Thats wonderful. We have good water here as well. I always appreciate how good our water is when I travel and taste the water in other places. Generally, it is rather distasteful.

  2. Why do you think people of the world are jealous of us "for a change"? Don't you realize that most of the world wishes they were more like the Americans? We are not despised around the world despite efforts to portray us that way. As you know I've been around the world a fair amount and am always met with a bit of envy as I meet people.

  3. Well I have always thought that they (the rest of the world) doesn't like us unless it is to their advantage, thats all