Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Jersey Man vs Brazil

My heart goes out to David Goldman, from NJ, who has been working with the Brazilian government to get his son back since 2004. The boy's mother went back to Brazil where she divorced Goldman, remarried and then unexpedly died last year in childbirth. Goldman tried to get his son and his son's step-father filed paperwork stating that he must stay.

I agree with Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey who wants to place a hold on a trade bill that would benefit Brazil. Congressman Chris Smith has even gone to Brazil with Goldman trying to make a difference.

A lot of people want to boycott Brazil in the 2016 Olympics because of what their Supreme Court is doing and based on its kidnapping policies and lack of respect for the Hague Convention.

What do you think? How I feel is on facebook.

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  1. Update: As of 7pm Tuesday David Goldman from NJ has won! He is to be reunited with his son IMMEDIATELY. Lets hope he's home for Christmas!