Monday, August 10, 2009

Finding sponsors for porta potties

Now I start the hunt for someone to sponsor the porta potties that a friend needs for an event August 22nd. And guess what, I may have found someone! Spent an hour out in the sun today, where the temperature is in the 90's, all in the name of politics! I have to make some more phone calls, maybe it will be a good day after all.


  1. Doesn't anyone pay for themselves in your political circle? What happened to self-reliance? Someone expects you to pay for their port-a-potties and now you look for someone else to foot the bill? Amazing!

  2. Yes someone else has to pay for everyone to go to the bathroom and we can't afford it ourself, $400 is a bit too much! However I don't think political parties have any thing to do with it. When a person has to go, a person has to go somewhere!