Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yesterday's drama

I don't know what it is about politics, but there are days when you know you just shouldn't get up? Yesterday was one of those days. Not only did I have a doctor's appointment, a cause meeting in 90 degree heat, but then I come home and spent the next 8 hours e-mailing someone complaining about a situation that was caused by miscommunication! It used to be so easy, in the old days, when you needed someone to come and speak, you just called him or her and they just came out and spoke to your group. Now, you have to write to them 2 months in advance to maybe get a chance, and then, if you don't put the EXACT time that they will be speaking, they may tell you that they can't do it unless it is 15 minutes earlier or later! And this is because they are now political savvy and they have too much to do in too a short period of time.

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