Monday, August 24, 2009

A quiet Sunday...think again!

Maybe I expect too much, after all, one day a week with nothing to do, is that asking too much? It was so nice Sunday, I got to go to the CT Psychic work shop at the American Legion and got to see a mess from last night. Apparently someone rented the hall and they had a birthday party there that got out of hand. They must have been throwing cake all over the place, because even after personnel got there yesterday and tried to clean up quickly for the next event, they could not do anything with the kitchen. When they opened the door it was as if there had been a bomb dropped inside the kitchen. Cake mess everywhere! I was talking with a gem smith who said that there had been a fight between two 16 yr old girls over a guy and the police responded with 8 cars! Man, talk about things happening in the small town tonight!

We had a really good time at a political event held last evening outside at a park, with a band. I think there were about 75 people there, lots of hot dogs for everyone. We even got a bottle opener from a candidate who is running for common council.

When I got home from my event, I spent the better part of 4 hrs on the phone again! Talking about the meeting tomorrow, Monday, and what all we needed. Then I talked to several people who each, in their own way, talked about how the democratic party in Norwalk is going to loose because they refuse to work together! And you know what, they are right! Our own DTC chair couldn't come to the event that we had for the man running for mayor yesterday, and neither could certain others who are upset with others because they say that WE aren't following the parties principles! The only thing is, we are following them, they aren't and it is being felt the would way up to the states capitol! What can we do to bring this party together? Any suggestions? And it is BOTH parties, just ask anyone who goes to the RTC meetings!

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  1. Democrats lose in New England? That's pretty hard to believe. Isn't it mostly single-party rule up there? There isn't a single Republican at the national level from anywhere in New England. The imbalance is pretty surprising in a country that has a majority of Americans who self-identify as conservative.