Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy

It's kinda nice not really having to be somewhere for two days in a row. But watching tv I realized that I've not said anything about Ted Kennedy. I've always known about the Kennedy's, you see my father lived on Cape Cod with them back in the '30's & 40's. Back then there were two different classes, you either were a Kennedy or you worked for them. Or so my dad would tell the story. He always talked about Joe Kennedy, the bright one, the one that their dad wanted to be president. My dad said that whenever he would walk down the street and see one of the Kennedy kids, they would walk across the street to avoid talking to my dad, but not Joe. He would always talk to Dad, made Dad feel like a person, not what the others did. When Joe was killed in WWII Dad said that the Kennedy's lost the best of the best. After John and Bobby died I never thought Ted would win, and I was right. But he kept himself involved in politics till the bitter end, I wonder if anyone else could say that now. Or maybe more of them could say that what even I think?

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