Sunday, August 16, 2009

Now we have tropical storms to watch

Seems that we haven't had enough to do lately, because now we have several tropical storms to watch on the Weather Channel or if you would rather see it on line, it is at
Check it out. I'm worried about TS Bill, afraid it will be a big hurricane, we shall see.

Had a great time at the ball game last night. Got to see the Bridgeport Bluefish beat the Maryland Blue Crabs by a score of 9-5. It's a know fact that if I am at a ball game, we will get hit with at least one foul ball. Last time we went, I was hit by a foul ball off the 3rd baseline, right on my head! This time I'm on the 1st base side and we get hit with two foul balls! One went in the row right behind me, the other was caught by a kid who was sitting directly in the row in front of me and over one seat! Then, my son was up getting a soda when he found another foul ball that had been hit over the stadium. Since we now had a ball, there were no more episodes. And, since we got invited because Mike's a Common Councilman, we sat in the same area as the BoE IT person, another council person, the fire chief, of course the mayor and the SoNo Stars, a really fun group of people As Mike sat right next to one of the SoNo Stars they talked about baseball's ins and outs in a way that would of made anyone proud. One play, where the 3rd baseman was safe, Mike says if he were the ump he might have called him out, the SoNo guy says "No, he was safe." We stayed for the fireworks show that was put on at the end of the game. It was really nice, I'm glad we got to stay.

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  1. I have never had a foul ball hit anywhere near me. I guess you get them all;-}