Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill today

Well not only do we have a hurricane named Bill churning up the coast, but we had an event at Ryan Park today. It really turned out to be a church revival, there was a fabulous choir, dance group, singers from New Haven, but also 2 tiny little girls singing as if they had been doing it their whole life's! (Which may have been, as they looked only 2 or 3.) And we got to hear a poet who blew us away with what she had to say in her poem. This girl will go far, mark my words!

As our event is next Sunday, I spent some time talking about what we will be doing collective and individually. There still is so much to do, but where there is a will there is a way.

Because of Hurricane Bill just off our coast (200 miles) we are seeing a lot of flooding already. And they say that the worst will happen sometime tonight. See what fun living by the bay or ocean can be.

Well, we are off to a musical event that is really a fundraiser for a friend. But, since he has a band preforming, I like to think of it as a musical event!

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