Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Disaster Emergency Preparedness

Today I found out that a politician that we are sort of following has changed his birthday party till next month. As we had some equipment that Mike had made for him, I had to call his campaign manager and find out where to mail him the DVD's. While on the phone with me, I also invited him to our Dedication of Butterfly Garden on August 30th.

As Mike is the Common Councilman who has the Health, Welfare, Public Safety and Emergency Management meetings, we feel that we have to go to the reserve volunteer safety training tonight, so that if we are faced with a disaster, we can help the community. But hey, emergency disaster is something that I am really good at. On Wednesday, March 28th, 1979 @4:00am the TMI (Three Mile Island) disaster started. I got the phone call @2:00pm asking me to get to work early, as I worked for York County Control (a county dispatch center that dispatched police officers all over York county). We went through nights with the Nation Guard sitting next to us , with maps in hand, deciding what we would do if the next stage happen. But, it never happen, or at least they never told us if it did.

And since I lived and worked in CA doing the same thing again, dispatching officers daily, dealing with earthquakes, having trouble in LA (with the Rodney King incident) etc. I know what has to be done. Having worked at a suicide hot line and also keeping the women safe at a domestic violence shelter, I feel that I can offer a lot and at the same time learn a lot tonight. But, if Mike were not in politics we may not of even heard of the event. So, I guess there are a few good things about being the wife of a politician.

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