Friday, August 21, 2009

Back on the phone again..

Still trying to finalize plans for the port-a-potties. Found out that the parks & rec department told my friend that she HAS to have 3 port-a-potties, one that has to be handicapped accessible. When this event is in the wind, there will be a debriefing (my words) and there will NEVER EVER be another event run by just one person! It is too much work for any one person, and the problem is that as it got closer to time, she reaches out and tells people what she needs, never once did she ask for help.

As I am the secretary of an event that we are having next weekend, I know how hard it can be. Even though I have done all the paperwork, like calling people about coming and e-mailing EVERYONE who is running for any office this year, to make sure everyone gets invited, there is so much more that we still have to do. So, again, I will be hosting a debriefing afterwards and we will get a committee started to handle all upcoming events.

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