Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting on board

Well I wanted to post something that a friend of mine sent me, but this blog won't let me. HELP!

We had a really good meeting last night, again political. But at least we now have 4 events planned for 12 weeks! I have to get a flier put together with another female, but because we both will be using our computers to make the flier, we will e-mail each other with comments until we are done. One pizza party and three events at really good locations. I hope everything goes well, we really have a good group working together for the first time to better our community. I know that we have the potential to win in November, I just wish that everyone could get on board with us, but so be it. This fighting between party members because one doesn't like what someone else said about still someone else has to stop, before it's too late!

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