Saturday, October 17, 2009

We had fun this AM

We took off this morning to go to another District's meet and greet at 10 am. My husband had seen the ad in the newspaper about the event, and since it never said anything about one party or another, we thought we are all invited. Imagine our surprise when we go there and saw that the other party was the only one with signs. My husband went down to see what was up and learned that the other party had rented the park for four hours and we had to take our political sign down when the other parties chairman showed up! We could put it up outside of the park, but it had to be removed from the park! Needless, I was a bit upset, as he didn't tell my husband right away, he told ME! We picked up the sign and put it outside at the entrance. We had friends come over to us and tell us to go ahead and put our sign back, but we never did. We even had the District's chairman of the other party tell us that she was offended by her chairman's actions and that she hoped that we would stay and we could put our sign back in the park! Isn't it shameful that parties have to feel threatened by a simple sign? Not the person, but his sign? Does that mean that my husband is a treat to him and his party? Strange, getting stranger every day!

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