Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yesterday's messy day

Yesterday was so busy, I had to go to the bank for a candidate and get his debit card, stop by his house and take some pictures of him, so that they can be put in the flier that will be going out to the media and everyone else one week before the elections. After coming home, sending the pictures via e-mail for him and another candidate's picture, I spent an hour on the phone with the bank activating the debit card for him! Then I had to take off and go to a neighboring city for a doctors appointment with my husband. We waited in the doctors office for almost 2 hours! and finally had to reschedule his appointment as he had 3 meetings that he had to attend to that evening.
So, we took off again, stopped at a deli and got subs for supper, took them over to city hall and ate them as we waited for the meetings to start. Four hours later we went home, exhausted, and really not sure why the meetings have to be so drawn out. Certain people think that since it is so close to election time that they can make a name for themselves if they question everything, making themselves look like a fool in reality. Only 19 days till the election! Come on election!


  1. I think you just identified why some people follow politics, some run for office, and others virtually ignore it. Not everyone is willing to spend so much time doing such menial, boring things. I know I'm not. It also explains why we get the government we do. It is run by people who are willing to put up with such frustrations in order to satisfy some need that they have. It all makes sense.

    It also seems to be a self-perpetuating phenomenon. The types of personalities who wouldn't put up with such inefficiencies are exactly the people that should be running things. But they aren't interested in getting involved in something as frustrating as government. They feel they have better things to do with their time. So the problems usually never get solved. I think you just identified why we're in the mess we are. If we (and I'm speaking to myself) were willing to put ourselves out more, then we could change things. At least you and Mike are putting yourselves out more. Hmmm.... I wonder why?

  2. I'll help you with that Rookie. Because Mary and Mike feel an overwhelming need to be of service to others, before they feel the need to help themselves. Mike gave up a doctor's appointment to attend important meetings and rather then having a delicious home cooked meal ate fast food. If you wonder what type of people they are look at the "boring" Founding Fathers who did exactly the same thing in hot, crowded, Philadelphia.