Thursday, October 8, 2009

Starting to age me more

I must be getting old, my get up and go has got up and left me by myself! This planning on political events every week for 5 weeks is really starting to get to me! I hope that this helps the Democrats, but I'm getting tired. We have planned on two more events from our District, however, someone never contacted the place that we were going to hold our Halloween event for Mike. Isn't that sweet? We still have a Champagne Brunch the Sunday before elections, but that money doesn't go to anyone except the town committee, so it's not like we get anything directly from them.

Have talked to a man who is owner of a taxi business. He will be driving people to the polls election day for free. After they vote, he (or one of the drivers) will drive them to a grocery store so that they can do their shopping. Their only expense will be paying for a taxi ride home. You really have to love the way they will try to help anyone who wants to get out and vote. Wouldn't it be nice if every city adopted the policy of giving everyone a free day on election day.

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