Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A bit different day..

We were asked last night to go to a library's forum about the coming election. My husband, as well as 9 other candidates where invited to speak at the meeting. They first had our mayoral candidates talk for an hour about different things that they want to do. However, one candidate, who is also running for sheriff & governor of our state, talked about what the Russian are doing to our government (per 1960's) and how we needed to take back our government and stop all taxes everywhere! In fact his manner and speaking could have caused him to be arrested, as he was starting to scare women listening to him. But after awhile he sat back down and kept his seat, even though it was hard.

After the mayoral candidates talked the library then invited the 4 candidates running in district to step up and answer a few questions. An hour later they were finished and then the library asked for the ten candidates that are running at large. One of the ladies had already left and another had never showed up, so it ended up being just 8 of them. Each of them had 2 minutes to speak about themselves and why they think they would be a good person to get elected, that was it! After waiting till 8:30pm my husband get to speak for just 2 minutes! I know everyone was upset with not having more time to speak, but then what can you do? You have to do what the moderator wants, but just 2 minutes?

How many days is it till election, 13?

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