Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is it election day yet?

Man have we been busy these last few days. Sunday we had two events to go to, a neighborhood association meeting with everyone from both parties there, and then a Greek Dance! The neighborhood association meeting was held in a BEAUTIFUL hotel! It's the type of hotel that, unless you have at least $1 million dollars you can't stay there! Man was it nice! My husband got to hob-nob with other candidates, in fact the other party sat down with us, because they liked us so much! At least some people put politics aside for the betterment of all, I wonder when EVERYONE will just try to get along?

Then there was the Greek Dance. One of the candidates is Greek, so his family has come out to support him. The music was so good! I could have listened to it all night long. It was a bit strange, no one got introduced per say, we got introduced to the people who's table we were sitting with, but no formal introduction, someplace where everyone gets to cheer for their politician. Things keep getting stranger and stranger.

Then we had MY event last night. I have been planning a pizza party for TWO MONTHS! The pizza parlor is DIRECTLY across the street from the parties headquarters, so that would mean that everyone could come to the party, right? No, at the last minute the League of Women Voters decided to hold a mayoral forum and a forum for the candidates running in district! The same night as my pizza party! Needless to say, only 6 pizzas where bought and we went home with more than one pizza left over! Can't complain, it would do no good, besides who could I complain to?

And just when I think that I am finished with having to be at the fundraisers, we have 2 more coming up, 1 of which I have been asked to take the money for another candidate! He just knows that he won't have a problem with me and my friend taking money, it's just there are some people who steal money right from under the noses of candidates.

How many more days till the election, 13 days? It is not coming fast enough!

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