Sunday, October 4, 2009

Another day over with

Think even my husband is getting a bid tired from all the people seeing. He felt bad this morning, so we missed a mass at a church that we have been wanting to go to. But, the invite will still be good for next weekend., I hope Since I was preforming a wedding at 2:00 pm, we had to get dressed and go! But, it was a beautiful ceremony, they even translated the ring exchange into their native tongue!

We then had a event that was very nice, the problem is that it seems that most of the events are being attended to by people who are running! The economy is bad, but I guess it's even worse than what I think. No one is coming because they just can't afford it! The main thing is, I want EVERYONE that I talk to, that comes to any event, to make sure that they GET OUT AND VOTE! I would love it if more and more people vote each and every time that they can. If you don't vote, then you don't have a say in what kind of government we have. Please vote your conscious, vote for those people who believe in what you believe in. PLEASE!

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