Saturday, October 31, 2009

Motivated speaker

Last night I saw a man, who some say is good, some don't like him, but MAN can he speak! Listening to him make me think that we, as people, can do ANYTHING! I had to remember to listen to what he was talking about and not who was doing the talking. I left the meeting place and was ready to do ANYTHING for the good of EVERYONE. But, I had  supper to make, then posting all my pictures on FB, so I was busy till late last night. But I think most people liked my pictures, but, hey, I was just having fun. And, the bigger news, it is only 3 more days till the election will be over! One way or the other. And a week till I preform a wedding 80 miles from home! Always looking forward to weddings, this one maybe a bit more because we get to stay over night for the wedding! Have a practice the night before the wedding and I'm not driving 80 miles one way just to do it again the next day, 320 miles is a bit too much, don't you think? So I'm staying and enjoying myself with my husband!

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