Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another day another dollar

Today, Saturday, I had to get up and go with my husband to a common council at large debate. It was held inside a church, made me feel a little like people who used to use the church for town hall meetings years ago. It was held by the League of Women Voters, so you would think that it would have run smoothly. But no, think again! It was the most mismatched group of questions that I have ever heard. Not to mention that the LWV didn't know how to even ask the questions, once the thing got started. It was 90 minutes long, and about 15 minutes was spent not getting the right sound equipment working, then asking everyone to repeat their answers. Luckily, my husband was #10, so even though he didn't have to talk much, he had plenty of time to formulate what he wanted to say. Not that he doesn't already know what he wanted to say. We went home and he slept all afternoon, since he is sick with a bad cold, nothing more.

Friends of ours got to see our PRESIDENT last night as He was in a town really close by (about 10 miles away). Tickets were $1000! so I had to wait to get the low down today. Our friend said that it was great, but that there were a lot of state legislators who kept talking about the bad performance of our DTC!

Isn't it a shame that a person can't be proud of the city that they come from because of the childishness of people in power?

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