Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bullying even today

Believe it or not, people still bully others even when they are adults. They never grow up! I know all about bullying, you see, I was bullied as a child. As an elementary school student I was bullied by a girl who was 2 years older than me. We used to pick her up with the school bus and she would start in on me the moment she got on ! At recess she would come out and start calling me names (Rauma is a llama), stupid stuff like that, but back in the 60's no one knew that they had a problem with her. (It wasn't till I was in my 20's and saw her again that she apologized and told me that it was because of her mother and what she was going through that she took it out on me and only me. She knew I would do nothing about it, and I never did! ) When I got to 5th grade I had male teacher who was sadistic. He would take fifth graders and make them kneel on a window pole for an hour, hold their arms out, holding books forever, he even hit the end of a ruler into the mouth of a girl with braces once! I was lucky, he only abused me one time, when I told my parents they started to get rid of him. It took my parents and other parents 8 months to finally have peace at school. But, because it was a Catholic School, after they let him go, we did nothing for the remaining 6 weeks. But, my parents refused to pay for us to go to that school again, so for the next year I still went to the Catholic School and my brothers went to public schools. Anyway, the bullying by the girl got so bad that I stopped riding the school bus on days that she would be going home and always got a ride with someone else. By 7th grade I was able to go to public schools and Jr High became my refuse, no more bullying by anyone ever again.

Not till I got involved in politics and witnessed it happening again! It made me digress back to the 60's and start to wonder if they have always been talking about others behind closed doors?
It seems that maybe these people have never grown up and are still the bullier that some of us hate!


  1. I never knew about the bullying you described. Is that why we left St. Joe's?

    As to modern day bullies, I suspect there are a lot of those in political circles. I'm surprised that it took this long for you to encounter it. At a state and national level it is incredibly common (see Nancy Pelosi, etc...)

  2. Yep that's why we left St Joe's, don't you remember Mr Freed? You might have been too young, you were only in 1st grade, Joe was in kindergarten? But the bullying wasn't why we left, it was Mr Freed that finally did it to all of us.

  3. I never knew a thing about a Mr. Freed.