Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday's are always nice days..sometime

My husband wasn't feeling too good today, so we decided to stay at home and just take it easy. Not to mention that my husband had to re-boot the computer system, a 24 hour updating process. So, he got to play on the computer and I got to sleep in and then watch tv! And other than a few phone calls, it was a good day. We know of a couple who are in their 70's and still going strong. Yesterday, today and tomorrow may possible go down in history as one of the hardest days for them. Because we, as a party, are having problems with the powers that be, our District chairman has taken it upon himself to get 4000 palm cards for 13 different polling place, or 52,000 ! By tomorrow by 9:00 am! Not to mention that our chairman has secured the use of two window vans to go around Tuesday and stop at places to pick up people and take them down to the voting polls. So, tomorrow I get to take fliers to each place, to post at their mailbox site! Plus I have to make sure I know where they will be going to vote! So, better get out the voters info quickly! Hope everything runs smoothly! Two days left!

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