Sunday, January 3, 2010


I am walking around picking up last year's calendars and throwing them away. But, then I realized that WE DON'T HAVE another calendar to replace them. In today's economy, businesses just aren't giving calendars away anymore.

My mother-in-law started working for an insurance company in 1957. Every year they gave her calendars, and even though she has been retired since 1987 they still continue to do so! That's because they care about the people who worked for them, so long ago. It is hard to find businesses still in business after 50 years.

My husband has worked for 5 different companies that have been merged out of existence. Maybe it is because he works for big computer companies, but what does that say about the small businesses? No where anymore does a small business even have a chance! Let alone a business who gives out calendars to their friends and employess and former employee too.

Isn't a shame that I will have to go out and buy 4 calendars to replace the calendars that we had last year? Maybe I'll wait, till the price goes down to 1/2 off, but by then the calendars will have been picked over and there won't be anything good left for me! O well!

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