Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr Day today

I beileve that without Dr Martin King Jr. we might still be fighting for civil rights on a daily basics. He made all people become aware that civil rights were something that EVERYONE is entitled to.

Spend some time reading about MLK Jr to see what his life and death was all about. Because I was so little when he died (still at home with my brothers) I will never really know how powerful a person he was. I just remember that my dad, who worked for a big company about 25 miles from the house, opened up our home to those that were afraid to go to their homes, in the city, because of all the fires and looting that occurred when he was killed.

Would each of us open our homes to someone if their lives were in danger now? Maybe my dad was doing some thing more than just being nice, maybe he CARED about his co-workers, and wanted to make sure that they were ok, what do you think?

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