Friday, January 22, 2010

Racists still alive in my town

After what happen last night I'm not sure what to think. Let me explain a little bit. My husband and I have been working,living, protecting, listening to and working for the common good of our district since we move into our area in 2003. We went to our first meeting within 5 days of moving. As we have gone to ALMOST 90% of the meetings in 7 years, we have some experience when it comes to problems. We were always what I thought, ABOVE political games that are played in our and others areas. We never though that the games would be played on US. But I digress, here's what happen from my husband's facebook page:

"I was at a meeting last night where political games were played to make sure a white (me) was not elected to a leadership post in a "minority district". Later, Dr. King was quoted criticizing a majority white district as racist for only nominating white candidates in the last election. If the white district was being racist, why wasn't the black?"

We have been listening to complaints about districts in our city that have not elected minority personnel for elected positions since November. After watching it happen before my own eyes, I am still at wonder how anyone gets anything done anymore.

Please explain how it happen, I'm not sure what to do next, right now it hurts so much!

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